I wrote this when I about the times that I felt a little confused about life… I had a million different emotions at once—This is as close as I can come to describing how I felt. Not what I would call angst-y, but more like a sad, mournful poem.

Do you ever feel the urge to scream so loud

It's silent?

Your voice breaks,


Like a smashed mirror

Strewn upon the cold tile floor

Broken into a million pieces

The shards the size of a grain

Of sand

A puzzle with a piece missing

Your throat torn and raw

From shouting to no one

Your limbs quake

Aching to rip and tear

Yet you have no strength

And no control?

Your eyes are suddenly red

And wet

A mixture of anger

And infinite, abundant sadness

Rolling down your cheek

And buzzing in your ear

Is that annoying fly called "hate"

You swat at it to make it go away

Still it returns,

Larger and more eminent than before

You try to hide inside

Your protective outer shell

Worn down with such use

That now it is oh so fragile

Is this how the world views you?

Why do they laugh?

Do they enjoy your feeling of helplessness?

Knowing you have no control

Of your own life, yet they do?

Do they revel in it?

Feeding on it like some leech?

Or do they know not the emotions

They cause to clash inside you?

Do they even care…?

And you feel empty:

Seen, but not heard

Heard, but not listened to

Listened to, but not acknowledged.

And you wonder

Why you are so alone

Then you realize

Only you can control your soul