Why him out of all?

Why must it be him?

He suffers from so much pain

Not all of it is emotional or physical

So many problems all around him

I can't help but wonder how he handles all of the sorrows of life

I worry and cry because I care

I just wish it would all go away

I pray for him each day and night

That his problems will go away

Yet each day

They somehow manage to get worse

He says that he wants people to be worried about him for him

To worry cause they are about him and love him

And not just because he is their entertainment

I find myself thinking over and over again;

What did he do to deserve this?

Why is all of this happening to him?

Out of all of the people in the world, why must it happen to the greatest person of all?

He did absolutely nothing to deserve all this, no one could.

Why him, why God, why?

"Lord God bless this man, erase his sorrows, eliminate all pains"

To me his is my mini-savior

He helped me to find God

I hate seeing him in so much pain

Each time I see him, or think about him

I hold back tears

Sometimes I can hold them back, other times I can't

Out of all, why must it be him!?!?

I care so much

It hurts to imagine the pain he feels

For I am just a friend

And I can only picture the pain that he himself feels

Lord just please answer my prayers

Stop this pain that he has

I hate seeing him bear what he has to