My Crow Controller

Pattern is so virulent
we have to cloister ourselves in kevlar
and peer out through a pane

Locked down in carbonate boxes
our screens never stop burning up

I dissect my friends with magnets
and filter what doesn't belong
man, she's manic, hypertonic
dead and ringing, OCD

The game is always fluid when I start
and my every move's reciprocated
don't even care I'm good and giddy
conceit will make you clever anywhere

But attrition is always.
surfeit belies each stroke
clutching my touchstone I drown
it's fundamental:
no sky without ground

I've seen enough unseemly patchwork
to fill a second season
is there some big omnific trickster here
yeah, that must be the reason

She's an overblown phrase
a flier streaked with calm contrition
takes everything I say two ways
just so I can't deceive her

Time is right and this is

Beat kick defile tear
drill a hole to get inside your head
I'll be a con and a consumer
won't stop until the birds are fed

Breath in the ether, puerile and unadulterated:

Satellites fly by night
Feels so wrong when you know you're right
Hypersonic slugs, microscopic bugs
Don't sleep too often 'cause here come the thugs
Execrable exons, yeah just one x
Tell him to sod off
Bought my new twelve-gauge at Hecht's
No need to shift in the saddle
I'm floating in this current fine
My life is one long sixty-nine.

IHVH HIV adolescent poetry
Turn your gaze inside: that's me.