Four weeks later, the

little Charlie Brown tree

has come down,(silver tinsel

on the floor still, but no one

seems to notice), and the

coffee cake is long since gone

(eaten in one sitting if you must know).


All the regular programming

on t.v. has returned(Who

Wants To Be On A Psuedo-Reality

Show, and the SuperDateBonanza,

all fake tans and half-murdered-used

dry phrases). A stack of Christmas

cards,(unread mostly) with new glossy

pictures on the fridge.


And 5 dollars worth of lottery tickets,

(unscratched, waiting for a lucky day)

3 packs of smokes(I don't, who knew),

plus a package of Milky Way Santa's,

(all from my father, the last

minute 7-11 shopper), but oh,


Yes, to answer your question, I

had a wonderful holiday,

how about you.