Lust whispers off the tongue

Husky and secretive; skin upon skin

Rolling through my veins, a crimson honey

Emerging upon gloss-smeared lips.

You scream for it internally,

Dragging teeth along in search of a source

'Where does all this come from?'

Catchin the careful whisper's echoes

Along a neck, a breast, a torturous rhythm;

Lust, Lust, Lust, Lust...

Your fingers follow the echoes possessively

They leave golden trails along

My face, my lips, my chest, my waist...

And I hear those echoes too,

They quiver in your eyes and touch.

I put a hand to yours,

And your fingertips are stained bloodred,

Red, red Lust.

Honeyed lips tremble against your neck

If only I could dissolve into the veins;

Be carried away in red torrents

To find the heart of such Lust.