When The Moon Falls Out

I can't understand you
Maybe I never will
What's this you're doing to me?
I can't stand it
I can't take it
But I want you so bad

Summertime is ending soon
And this moment won't last long
The night is coming
It's gonna be cold
So please, stay... with me

So don't say goodbye
Not even goodnight
I can't take it
I wanna be with you

You're all I need and all I see
So don't say it
Don't, don't say goodbye
'Coz I know I can't take it, no

I don't know what's wrong
Maybe I will someday
Don't tell me you're leaving
I can't stand it
I only want you

The sky is now dark
It's a full moon tonight
The rain will start pouring
It's gonna be cold
Please don't leave me... alone


No, no, no...
Please don't go
Tell me you love me still
I can't stand it
I can't take it


No, I can't stand it
I can't take it, no...
When the moon falls out of love