The Dream

Not much to the vision-dream, perhaps…

Just a moment
A scene.

I am standing somewhere between

A kitchen
And a room

Leading to the garden - roses in bloom.

A woman before me
The garden beckons.

Smiling, she asks me a question.

Nervous and shy
Quietly wondering

In politeness, I ponder my answer.

Yet my thoughts are outside among the roses.


A/N: More than a year has past since I had this dream. Around six months ago, I happened to be reading on the Internet about someone I had not met. He and his wife had a cottage and a rose garden. I remembered the dream and knew whose garden I had seen.

Now I have a gift from my "big brother": Three words of hope that keep me going in the midst of a continual nightmare.

Now I have the courage to reunite with my husband and to ask my brother if I may do some sketching
in that sunny gentle garden of laughter when the roses are in bloom,

and find out what his wife was asking...

Could just be
If I wanted some tea.