The Biggest Waste of Time

All this fuss over one whole day,

And I just wish it would go away.

St. Valentine, what were you thinking?

They should lower your holy ranking!

Give me a minute and I'll tell you why

This day is so bogus I just want to die.

If good little girls give handsome guys

Something, like a surprise

Stop being so mushy they will say

Then they would dearly pay.

The girls would rant and scream.

Yelling in their face, "Honey,

This must be a bad joke 'cause it ain't funny!"

The guys would cringe and say their apology

Girls are as confusing as psychology.

Now guys, you get girls things

Over priced diamond rings.

Shiny objects and mesmerizing pieces,

A box filled with candy and Reeses.

Roses, orchids, gardenias, and even more flowers

Can't forget shampoo for their morning showers.

Burning holes in your baggy pockets,

On things costing half the price of a NASA rocket!

It's bogus I tell you, one big trick!

Someone! Please, grab Cupid and beat him with a stick.

Maybe with a bat, no, a mace!

Take a swing and get him in the face.

That's my opinion on Valentines.

This holiday is the biggest waste of time!

A/N: I found this in my files when I was cleaning out my comp and didn't want to part with it, so I put it here. :p