i (feed on stupidity
live in snobbery
free from slavery?) am essentially lonely


the journey from poetrytoprosetoplays
& back
was not worth trading my sense for
yes cents not dollars
& i am funny punny, honey
so lend me some money
to buy a street map
map? wait

they don't love you like i love you

that's not my line
whose line is it anyway?
hey you! get in line!
please stand behind the yellow line

for your OWN safety

a lone one. a l(own) 1?
howling at the moon
(with three other girls
i like but hardly ever talk to in school)
on the jetty
at survival camp

i survived

secondary school life thanks to
an iPod, pulsing beats, & sensitive new age voices
though not all the time
(indie stands for independent
not individual though it is as well
& one of my best mates is an indian
though that don't mean she's indigenous)
i never had any time

for myself

a lone one, the lone one, the alone one, all one
in Singapore slang "I ALWAYS ALONE ONE!"
after Singapore sling "I IS ALONE !!!11one1!!"
kiss Singapore so long "I. AM. THE. LONE. ONE."


my lovely
this is the last time i will say
told you i was a lo/n/s/v/er
wish I was more than just wordplay

-maybe hecate. 27th january 2006.

a/n: am breaking a months-long hiatus with this one. sure feels good to be back.