Two Paths, One Goal

Farewell to Lord Lucan and bold Cuchulainn

I fear that old Ireland won't see you again

The harp on the hill and the Fair Folk are gone

The cross casts its shadow where Celtic light shone

At first I was lost, could not understand

How Erin's great nation became a Christian land

And then I remembered, whatever the name

That all gods are one god - all one and the same

I heard the monks' hymns in the glen and the wood

And wept at the sound of Christ's brotherhood

I could not remember, was too blind to see

that though our paths differ, they're no different than me

I walked through the woods, through the shade that was there

And came to a church where, gathered in prayer

The Christians were singing of their saviour's fall;

Like the Horned One at harvest, he died for us all

The Great Triple Goddess and the fair Virgin Mother

Now I can see they're the same as each other

If only all understood and knew as I do

That there's no cause for fighting when faith's lasting and true.

All searching for spirit, from the moment of birth

Whether Lord up above, or the Great Mother Earth

Our paths may be different, but we share the same aim;

In our quest for knowledge, we're one and the same.