I heaved a sigh, settling further down in my chair.

Could this day get any worse? I mean really, it's only first period but this day already sucks.

I woke up twenty five minuets late, leaving me with five minuets to get dressed, eat and out the door. Good.

My friend stood me up, forcing me to walk the half mile to school by myself, and then it started to rain. Great.

I went to first period dripping wet, and then remembered that today was a "C" day leaving us with homeroom before first. Fabulous.

So I dropped my stuff off in the Home Ec. Department, leaving me in dry but smelly gym clothes that weren't even mine because my locker mate stole my nice clean clothes. Mondo-Fabulous.

So, here I am in French class, my hair sending freezing drips of water down my back. Wow, this is so enjoyable, I think as I mentally roll my eyes.

"Pop quiz!" Mrs. Fanzoid calls, holding up a sheaf of paper. And I just had to ask if the day could get worse!

I groaned, and pulled out my favorite pencil, which -to my horror- has been snapped in half.

I lean over my desk to ask the person next to me if I can borrow a pen or something, only to find that the kid who normally sits next to me is AWOL, and Vanessa (my long time crush) is sitting next to me.

"Can, uh, can I borrow a pencil?" I whisper, and I feel my cheeks burning.

"Sure, Diana," she smiles, and rummages through her bag, handing me a lime green mechanical pencil.

"Cool," I mumble, and grab the stack of tests in front of me. As I hold the pencil I realize two things: (a) If I concentrate hard enough I can feel Vanessa's hand on the pencil -I know, I'm crazy- and (b) I have no idea what anything on this paper says.

I bite my lip and am just about to give this a stab when -Do, doot, do, doot, do do do doot- my cell phone goes off.

Mrs. Fanzoid is obviously telling me to turn it off, so I reach into my bag and pull it out, switching it to vibrate. "Puisque votre vie sociale est beaucoup plus importante que cet essai, vous obtenez un F!" (Since your social life is much more important than this quiz, you get an F!) she says, pulling my paper off my desk.

I guess she didn't want me to pull it out... After she sits down I flip my phone open to view the txt message. My brow scrunches, I don't recognize the number, but I read the message anyway.

R U OK? U look wet.


My heart raced, and I quickly wrote back.

Cold. Wet. Fine. U?


I smirked as I heard Vanessa's phone vibrate next to me. She looked around and then pulled it out. Her face lit up like a 100 watt light bulb. I was surprised. We'd never really talked before, but… it seemed like -maybe- she might possibly care about me in some shape or form.

I watched her txt back, and a few moments later -Zzzzzzzzzzzt!- my phone vibrated in my hand. I flipped it open with my heart in my chest.

: ). I'm glad ur OK. Y R U wet?

I wrote back lightning fast.

Friend stood me up.

She handed her paper in, and then sat down, holding her phone under her desk, as if waiting to talk to me. ME! She wanted to talk to me. I'm on the verge of passing out here.

: ( Pauvre, triste Diana!

I sat for a moment confused, and wrote back.

She wrote back with a slightly confused expression on her face.

Poor sad Diana? It's French?

Comprehension dawned on me.

I don't speak French

She smiled at her phone as she read the message, and I smiled to myself for making her smile.

This is French 4! You've taken 3 yrs of French before this!

I smirked.


Vanessa laughed out loud, her check flushing a deep red. "Sorry!" she called, and wrote me back.

Ur funny.

I smiled.

Thanx, ur red.

I watched her read it, she nodded.

Yes. Yes I am. Y have I never talked 2 u B4?

My heart pounded.

Idk, I've been wanting u 2

My pulse tripled as she flushed again, and txted me back.

So Y didn't u talk to me?

I shrugged.

I guess I'm shy.

She cocked her head to the side.

Around me? Y?

Well, I thought. I might as well tell her… The worst that could happen is that this day gets a little (read: Massively) worse.

Bc I like u

I couldn't look.

I like you 2

Wait… Does she know I mean…? I shook my head and txted her back.

No, I heart U.

She kind of smiled -not that I was watching- and wrote back.

I knew wat u ment. I heart U2.

My heart stopped, and then started with a jolt. Maybe today wouldn't be so bad after all.