Title: One Dance


PG-13, which means that this is for people over the age of thirteen who are, you know, rabid slash fans and like seeing boys and boys going at it like wild rabbits. gets nosebleed Um. What was I talking about?

Evyn Jones has a problem: he's just been kicked out of his house. With no other option, he finds himself an apartment – one that happens to be housing a very arrogant, very gay pop star, who has his eye on Evyn's ass. (SLASH)

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Warnings: This is a SLASH story, meaning that there will be BOYS GETTING IT ON with other BOYS. If you have a PROBLEM with this LEAVE NOW and do NOT bother flaming me because, a, you were WARNED and, b, I will LAUGH at you. This is the last time I will say this.

Chapter 1:

No Love Lost

"She's really a very lovely girl." Vianne Jones said as she sipped her English tea. She, her husband, Nathan Jones, and their son, Evyn Jones, were all seated in the drawing room having a light lunch together.

Evyn's hand paused a moment as he reached for a biscuit before he scooped it up and took a bite. "Who is?"

"Clare Monroe." Vianne clarified, giving her husband a secret look that Evyn couldn't decipher. "She comes from a very respectful family and she's so sweet and polite and, really, a very darling girl."

Evyn narrowed his eyes slightly at his parents, not liking the way they kept looking at him intently, as though they were expecting a certain reaction. He really didn't have one to give. What did he care about some girl he didn't know, no matter how sweet she was? He wasn't interested. In girls, that is.

But, of course, his parents didn't know that, so he simply said, "Oh."

"Let's not beat around the bush here, Vianne." Nathan Jones said, setting down his tea cup and folding his hands. "Evyn, we think that Clare is a suitable candidate for your future wife."

Evyn choked on his biscuit. "Wh-what?!"

"We've been talking to the Monroes, and Clare, of course, and we all think it'd be a very good match. She's polite. You're polite. She's rich. You're rich. See how much you have in common already?" Vianne clapped her hands together in delight. "And you'd look so cute together. She's pretty, pale, and delicate, like a porcelain doll. And you're…" She eyed her son's scrawny frame with a click of her tongue. "Well, you can cut a bit of that hair off and maybe fill out a bit more."

Evyn knew he wasn't exactly Arnold Schwarzenegger (not that he'd want to be), but he couldn't help the small frown on his face after his mother's statement. "Gee, thanks." He said sarcastically, setting down his biscuit. "Listen, Mom, Dad, I don't want to… I don't think this is a good idea at all."

"Why not?" Nathan asked, raising an eyebrow. "It's a marriage of convenience and, to be honest, we've been planning this for a long time."

"A—what?" Evyn blinked. "You guys have been arranging a marriage for me and you decide to tell me this now?"

Vianne blinked as well. "Um. Yes. You'll be eighteen in five months, her in six, and legally allowed to get married. That's six months for you and Clare to get to know each other, plus another two before the wedding because we're thinking we'll have the wedding in the summer, when it's nice and warm out."

Evyn closed his eyes, hoping that when he reopened them, he'd wake up in his bed, staring at the ceiling after a really bad nightmare. However, it was not to be, because when he reopened his eyes, his parents were still sitting there, staring at him as though he'd lost his mind.

"I don't see why you're not happy about this." Nathan said after a moment. "We're saving you all the trouble of getting attached to someone… inappropriate, and then having to leave them. We've chosen Clare for you already and she's agreed. Why are you acting like this?"

Evyn stared at his sneakers. How was he supposed to explain to them that he didn't like Clare, and could never like Clare? That he could never like girls period because he was a flaming homosexual? Well, maybe not flaming, but the thought of ever kissing a girl, let alone marrying one, gave him the creeps.

"I..." He began slowly, closing his eyes again. "I can't marry Clare."

Vianne's voice was amused as she answered, sound almost as though she was humoring him, "Why not?"

"Because…" Evyn swallowed, clenching his fists to keep his hands from shaking. "Because I don't like girls."

There was a heavy, tense silence. Evyn opened his eyes and looked up. Both his parents were staring at him blankly. Since they weren't yelling yet, he decided it was safe to continue.

"I haven't… I mean, remember when I was with Kaley, and then we broke up a week later? It's just I… I mean, we never did anything… I never even wanted her to touch me and I only said yes because I didn't want to hurt her feelings or anything, but then I was in the locker room…"

Once he'd begun, he couldn't stop, and the whole story was pouring out of his mouth like word vomit. The wider his parents' eyes got, the more desperate he became and, therefore, the faster he spoke, trying to get everything out before they could respond.

"…wanted him to kiss me and I couldn't figure out what was going on until we had this movie in class about sexuality and it all clicked and I know you're probably really surprised, but I swear I'm still the same Evyn… just, please, don'tmakememarrythatgirl." He finished in a rush, breathing heavily by the time he was done.

The silence dragged on and he looked from one parent to the other rapidly, trying not to look as scared as he felt.

Finally, after what seemed like hours, Vianne's lower lip trembled and she blinked, her movements slow as though she'd forgotten how. "You…" Her mouth curled in disgust. "Out."

Evyn stared. "What?"

"You heard your mother." Nathan said coldly, his eyes lacking any of their previous warmth, which wasn't all that much because his father was a naturally cold man. "Get out."

"O-okay," Evyn rose shakily. "I-I'll just be in my room…"

"No." Vianne's eyes narrowed. "Get out of this house. We're not having a fucking queer living here. Do you have any idea how disgusting—ugh, this will reflect horribly on us and what are we supposed to tell the Monroe's—I can't believe—"

Evyn didn't hear the rest of the rant. He had just gone numb. Get out of this house. We're not having a fucking queer living here. Get out of this house. We're not—

"Why are you still standing there?" Nathan asked, rising to his feet and taking a step forward. Evyn stepped backwards and nearly tripped over the couch, his eyes fixed on his father. "You are no longer welcomed here, boy. You have ten minutes to get the hell out of our house before we call the police and if we ever see you on our property again, you'll find yourself in some deep trouble."

"You can't do this!" Evyn protested desperately. "I'm your son!"

Vianne rose as well, eyes cold. "You're no son of ours. Get out. Now."

Lower lip trembling much like his mother's had been moments ago, Evyn stared at them for a few more seconds before turning and tearing out of the room, down the hallway, and to his bedroom. His vision blurring, he grabbed his bag and stuffed as many of his clothes into it as he could and a few other necessary items, then got on his stomach and pulled a jar out from under his bed, where he kept every single bit of money he'd ever been given ever. Hoping it was enough, he looked around his room one more time, tears beginning to fall.

He heard footsteps at the far end of the hall and bolted out of the room.

By the time he made it to the café down the street, he had calmed down enough to think rationally.

He had just been kicked out of his house, and most likely disowned, and now he had nothing more than what was crammed in the bag on his back and however much money was in the jar in his hands. He had nowhere he could go, because he was so shy that he mostly kept to himself at school, so he really didn't have any close friends whose houses he could go to. As a matter of fact, his parents paid for him to go to school anyway, so that was out.

He took a seat and stared blankly at the table cloth. He needed an apartment—if he even had enough money for one—so he could have a place to stay. Then, he'd need some groceries to put in the apartment, if he got it. After that, he'd have to worry about how he'd pay his way through school, maybe not his old school, but a school, since he had been about to graduate in seven months anyway. That meant he needed a job.

Evyn was overcome with the sudden urge to bang his head against the table and was about to do so before fingers curled in his sunflower blond hair and he found his head being tugged backwards until he was looking at Coralie Bonchelli, the owner of the café.

Cora tilted her head to the side a bit. "Hey, you, what's the matter?"

Evyn couldn't help but smile. Cora was an elderly woman who knew, and mothered, every single person who'd ever walked into her café. The first time Evyn had walked in, he'd been wary of and a bit embarrassed by the kind way she treated him, but now she was like a mother to him.

Thinking about mothers made his smile fade and he shook her fingers out of his hair and flopped forward onto the table. Cora walked around and took a seat next to him.

"Tell Coralie what happened." She insisted, massaging his head in a comforting gesture. "You look absolutely depressed and are carrying large amounts of money."

Evyn made a noise suspiciously sounding like mmph before sighing. "My parents hate me."

"Did you not say that when you were grounded for getting preoccupied at the library and missing their dinner par—"

"It's different this time." Evyn interrupted, moving his head a bit to look at her. "I told them I was gay and they kicked me out."

He waited for the change in her expression, from friendliness to anger, or, even worse, from friendly to awkwardly kind. The anger was evident, but it was for an entirely different reason.

"They throw you out for that?!" Cora shouted, hopping to her feet and ignoring all the customers staring at her in amusement. "And they call themselves parents?! Why, I ought to go down there and stick my ladle so far up their—"

Evyn's cheeks turned pink at all the attention they were receiving. "Cora!"

"Ooooh." She stomped her foot once, then looked at him intently. "Where are you staying?"

"Um. I'm still trying to figure that out." He murmured, ducking his head. "I mean, this just happened, like, five minutes ago and I still need to find—"

"Done!" Evyn looked up at her in surprise, but she was pulling a cell phone out of her pocket and dialing a number. "I cannot have you sleeping in the streets or, worse yet, in some roach infested apartment. No!" A small pause. "Hello? There are two bedrooms there, yes? Good. You are going to have a roommate."

Evyn blinked. "Cora, what are you—"

"I do not care. He is a good boy. He will not tell anyone. He is in need of a place to stay and I can and will throw you out to make room for him if you disagree." Another pause. "Good. We shall be up in a few minutes. Put some clothes on. Ciao!"

Cora looked at Evyn, brown eyes warm. "I hope you do not mind sharing an apartment with a friend of mine."

"Um. I. You. Uh." He couldn't seem to say a coherent sentence, so instead he just stared at her. Cora grabbed his arm and hoisted him to his feet with a strength that a woman in her sixties really shouldn't posses.

"Do not dawdle. Let's go!"

Evyn stumbled as he was gently shoved up the final two steps that led him into the apartment. Cora's Café was a two-story building. Downstairs was the café, and up the stairs in the kitchen that Cora had led him through, was a flat.

It looked clean enough. To his immediate right was a glass top table surrounded by some chairs and, beyond that, a window with a view of the town. Next to the window was a stove and oven attached to a sink, cupboards and counter, where some clean dishes were resting.

There was a carpet on the floor before him, right in front of a hallway with three doors. He assumed they were the two bedrooms and a bathroom, but he'd have to check and make sure. Against the wall by the hallway was a dresser with a television on top of it, a coffee table in front of that, and a couch that was turned slightly so that it faced both the television and the hallway.

Evyn glanced back at Cora apprehensively. "You're… you're really going to let me stay here?"

"I would not have you stay anywhere else." She said, shoving him a bit further in and then coming to stand next to him. "When you are here, I can watch you and make sure you are okay, okay?"

"But I…" Evyn looked down, unable to believe how kind and hospitable this woman was. "Let me at least pay rent…"

Cora threw her hands up. "Pay rent, he says! After he has just been thrown out of his own house! Your kind nature will be the death of you, little Evyn. Pay rent! I will not hear of such a ridiculous thing!"

"Please." Evyn insisted. "I'll pay however much you like, but I'd feel terrible just staying here for free." Cora looked like she was going to protest again, so Evyn beat her to it, "Please!"

The woman sighed. "Alright. But only one hundred dollars."

"One hun—but that's much too low for—" Evyn cut himself at her glare and laughed sheepishly. "One hundred is fine. A week?"

Cora's glare intensified. "One hundred dollars a month. I can use it to pay for your meals at the café."

"That really defeats the purpose of me paying—" Once again, Evyn cut himself off at her glare and walked over to the table, setting his bag and jar down. He rummaged through the jar until he came up with a one hundred dollar bill and gave it to her. "For the first month."

"Fantastico!" Cora placed the money in the pocket of her apron, then looked around the apartment with a slight frown. "Where is that man?"

"What man?" Evyn blinked as he remembered what she'd told him before dragging him up here. "Oh, the one I'm sharing the apartment with?"

"Yes, that one. Adrian, where are you hiding? You wait here." She instructed, stomping her way into the hallway and opening the door on the left side of the hallway, slamming it shut behind her. Evyn took a seat at one of the chairs and glanced out the window. This was all so surreal. Maybe he really was dreaming and any minute now he'd wake up back at home.

He pinched himself.

"Ow! Shit!" Evyn rubbed the area he'd just pinched, feeling a bit sulky. So this wasn't just a horrible nightmare. His parents had really kicked him out, just because he didn't like girls. And now he was staying in an apartment above a café with some guy he'd never met, who was probably an old, bald, fat perv—

Okay, definitely not.

Evyn stared wide-eyed as Cora exited the bedroom, dragging a man behind her. He looked to be around nineteen or twenty with messy black hair that fell all over in a wind-swept sort of style, two locks framing his face on either side. His eyes were a pale blue color and he was quite well-built, probably someone who worked out a lot. He was dressed in a blue hoodie, black jeans that clung to his legs like a second skin, and white socks.

But, really, the fact that the guy was absolutely freaking gorgeous wasn't what had Evyn gaping at him.

It was more the fact that the guy was also Adrian Taylor, the lead singer of the band Victimized who was all over entertainment news because he'd gone into hiding and no one could find him.

Yet, here he was, arguing with Cora like he wasn't alarming millions and billions of fangirls all over America. Like he was a normal guy living in a normal apartment and wearing something as normal as a hoodie.

Adrian fixed mildly annoyed blue eyes on Evyn and smirked as he caught the boy staring. Evyn's face heated up and he quickly looked away as Cora and Adrian finally reached the table.

"Evyn Jones, this is my friend Adrian Taylor. Adrian, this is Evyn, your new roommate." She introduced, ruffling Adrian's hair. "Evyn, Adrian would appreciate it if you told no one that he was staying here. He is trying to keep a low profile, you understand?"

"I understand." Evyn said softly, staring at his legs through the table top. "I don't have anybody to tell, anyway."

"Good boy." Cora patted him on the head. "I have to get back to the café, so I will leave you to get acquainted. Play nice and call me if you need anything."

Evyn didn't look up and, instead, listened to her footsteps cross the apartment, then fade down the stairs. In fact, he was so busy studying his legs that he jumped when he felt two arms on his shoulders and warm breath at his ear.

"You're quiet." Adrian's voice whispered, causing another hot blush to rise on Evyn's face. The pop star smirked. "It's cute."

"Um!" Blushing, Evyn shrugged Adrian's hands off his shoulders and quickly got up. "Um, Mr. Taylor, I… if you could just tell me where my room is, I—"

Adrian laughed. "Mr. Taylor. That's adorable!"

"What," Evyn had a feeling his face was going to be permanently red at this rate. "What do you want me to call you?"

"Adrian is fine, okay, Evyn?" The brunet stuck his hands in his hoodie pocket. "Come on, I'll show you your room."

"Okay… Adrian." Evyn grabbed his bag and jar and followed Adrian towards the hallway, unable to stop his eyes from moving from the back of the man's head down to his ass. He blushed as soon as he realized what he was doing and quickly dragged his eyes back up to Adrian's face just as the man threw open the door on the right to reveal a small bedroom with a bed, a closet, a mirror, a window, and a dresser.

"This one is yours. That one is mine." Adrian explained, pointing at the room, then behind him at the one across the hall. "The other door in this hallway is the bathroom. You can put your toothbrush and things in there and I'll try not to hog the hot water."


Adrian smirked. "Of course, we could conserve water by showering together."

Feeling his face heat up again, Evyn stared at Adrian in horror. "Are you… are you hitting on me?"

"Do you want me to be?" Adrian asked, raising an eyebrow. When Evyn didn't respond except to turn an even brighter shade of red, he chuckled. "I need a nap, so I'll be in my room. Try not to be too loud."

Evyn just stared at him until he'd disappeared into his room and closed the door before he closed his own bedroom door and pressed his back against it, sliding to the floor. Oh god… He thought, covering his face with his hands.

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