Big Girls Don't Cry

I've been hurt by him

I've been hurt before

I'm sure I'll be hurt many times after

But I can't cry

Not now

Big girls don't cry

Sure I trusted him

Most of the family did

But he abused his power or authority

Trying to get to me

I was confused and scared

It's never happened again me

I'll make sure

I cried then

I won't cry now

Bug girls don't cry

He grabbed me by my arm

He normally does

But he doesn't realise

His own strength

I'd smile and tell him to stop

He won't

I tell him again, with no smile

He still isn't stopping

"Get off!" I yell

He finally does

I try and rub my arm better

It still hurts

I hold back the tears

I don't cry

Not in front of him and besides

Big girls don't cry

He's spreading rumours about me

I know he is

He lies to my face but

Talks about me behind my back

He thinks I can't hear him

He thinks I don't know

Most times it doesn't hurt

But this time it does

I want to cry but not now

Big girls don't cry