A little weird cuz I was thinking of 'come clean' by Hilary Duff when I wrote this. It's meant to be a poem about rain and what I feel like when it's raining outside. It's a beautiful sound and it's really silent...like you're the only person in the world (this only happens if you sit in front of the windows with the lights off in the room. lol) Anyway, I just get inpired a lot because of rain so I thought I might as well write something about it. (Would have gone in my least favourites but I sorta liked the ending). lol. What about you?

- - -

Sitting behind the window,

Slowly closing up my eyes,

Hearing the window crack,

Seeing behind this disguise.

Feeling the rage of the rain,

The power that it screams

Smelling the fresh scent from outside,

Re-living all my dreams.

Feeling soothed...re-born,

Pure and utterly clean,

The cold and wetness that it brings,

Washing away all that has been.

A time to reflect, to remember,

To gently heal the pain,

I close my eyes and listen to the sound

Of pure, perfected rain...