You told me
you'd come back
for me
when you went
to search for
after we got stranded
on this deserted
No no, my darling
you're too weak,
I'll get us out of here
I promise.
And I figured you
meant it,
because we started
our adventure
so what reason
was there
for me to believe
No no, my love
don't you worry,
I'll come back for you
as soon as possible.
…but you never came.
And I still sat there,
when my mind
and my body
I still believed you
loved me enough
to save me.
Day and night
I waited,
until my heart convinced me
that you weren't
coming back.
And I should've known
that the minute you saw
that boat
passing by,
you swam towards it,
leaving me and my
broken body