Ashamed in D Maj.

I've been dragged through the dirt

All while the sun's been shining

But I've been too busy fussing over my ruined shirt

And I've been sayin' to myself

What'll they all think of me

While they make their judgments?

Cause I just cannot tell

I've spent my whole life yearning to be something more

That I haven't stopped to check what really means more

Changing for the better as time went on

But never learning how to move on

I pick myself up out of the dirt

Only to fall right back to the earth

And I take on tasks I never complete

In hopes of someday feeling complete

But I just feel empty inside

I wanna curl up and hide

From your eyes

Cause I'm ashamed

You were the one that made me stronger

I yearned to be so self-assured

I guess I come off as confident

But I'm everything else

Than confident