Inside of Me
I Stare inside of me
and nothing do I see
The pain of a life once lived
The hurt of a love once gived
The echo of a voice once heard
The burning of a truth once learned

Seeing this I ask Why,
do I live, why wont I die
But a piece of me wants to carry on
Wants to free itself from a scar I've worn
Wants to free itself from a life I live
Wants to receive the love I give

Now I know I can be free
release me from this pain I see
I will always walk alone
Never shall I ever be known
Other than a shadow at night
Other than a glare in light

I give this gift to you
I am the one you never knew
But I shall be there when you fall
To pick you up when you crawl
Be there to hold you when you cry
Making sure your love wont die

I look inside, what do I see
I see you who inspired me
To love when I was hated
To keep the happiness you created
To make me smile when I cry
To Never ever want to die

Thank you.