So, each stanza is a haiku (5-7-5)!



Doomed to never meet
Fated to never embrace -
Cursed by Fortune's hex.

Bound by chains of time
Known only luke warm shadows –
Lovers Sun and Moon.

Sun – a warm lover,
Burning hot with love for Moon.
Jealous, scorching burns

Over wooing wolves
And flirtatious star fires –
Suitors chasing Moon,

Her celestial
Beauty - pale, pure. A laugh with
Warm blues deep inside.

Sun watches Moon while
Moon stares at Sun – wishing
To linger longer.

Sun leaves love notes of
Bright orange and red, written
Sunsets in twilight.

Moon yearns to speak to
Sun. But coquettish clouds block
Her sweet, crescent charms,

Flaunting their frilly
White gowns in front of Sun's rays,
Hopeful love for Moon.

Neither can cherish
A loving, tender caress
Around aching hearts.

Only seeing dim
Traces of each other, first
And final true loves.


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