My patience is getting thin

I can't stand your sarcasm anymore

My hatred is already ready to begin

Tolerating your presence no more

I despise your voice

Wishing to destroy your box

Then I will rejoice

Knowing you cannot talk

Your ego is getting too much

For you or anyone else to handle

And you struggle to clutch

Onto the last bit of dignity you hold

Your bliss is nothing but lies

Hiding the deepest things that can't be known

They can be seen through the eyes

From someone that knows the truth

You're not that strong

It's only that image of yours

You make it seem like it belongs

And that's what drives me psychotic

Misery upon you brings me felicity

Proving you're not that extraordinary

Also proving the simplicity

Of your inner thoughts

You're nothing but an incompetent jerk

When made a fool of yourself

And all you do is just smirk

Turning red from the inside out

You can go choke on your arrogance

Choke, burn, and die on it

And I'm breaking apart since

That's what's killing my sanity