If I turn up my radio loud enough, drum up the bass a little more
I've got hope it'll be enough to make me slide a step away
from all our memories raining down on my roof and light'ning up outside these walls.
trying to stop my mind flashing over frames of us
hours we spent skin to skin,
starting with looks like daggers sharp enough to slice off our clothes
you pulling me magnet close to feel your heat
kisses like breathless promises on my lips
your hands fire liquefying down my side...
and there are still days when there's not enough water in the world
to slake my thirst for your love.

Listening to songs that recall the quickchange artistry of your taste crossing my tongue
there's something in the thought tonight
that makes my eyes close those shutters that let you see in
to what I'm thinking and how soft I can be like thickslipping starlight in your arms.
But it's sudden storm season and I'm locking down my windows
because I know you're singing someone else's songs tonight.