A Stalker? Watching Me? No Way.

Rachel's Point Of View

I can't believe it. It's been ten years since I've met Jimmy. We've gone on strong since we got together officially, and nothing has come between us to set us apart. Well…except for that one guy Jimmy practically beat to a bloody pulp because he asked me to dance while I was with Jimmy. I didn't talk to him for two days and made him sleep on the couch for those two days, until Jimmy just broke the silence. I smiled to myself; remembering.

Jimmy was sitting on the armchair; shirtless. We both were watching TV, although I had possession of the remote…that I stole from Jimmy. He didn't care, although he did growl and stare at me openly. All he had on was a pair of baggy jeans, riding low on his narrow hips. I was on the other sofa, lying down. All I was wearing was a tank top, not quite tight, but enough to show my figure, and a pair of (Jimmy's) athletic shorts, that reached the top of my knees. I noticed Jimmy kept stealing glances at me when he thought I wasn't looking. Of course I was doing the same, but I didn't say anything…until we both caught each other's eye.

Jimmy slammed his head on the chair, rolling his eyes, growling. He sprung up abruptly, startling me…I flinched. Jimmy noticed, however. He climbed on top of me, pinning me to couch, his hands on either side of my head.

"Fucking hell, Rachel, talk to me!" He whispered roughly, his electric blue eyes even more vibrant. I scowled, although he was turning me on.

"What would you like me to say? 'Hi, may I cut in for a dance?' Than you beat me to a bloody pulp?" I mocked. Jimmy rolled his eyes.

"Look, I'm sorry about that, but that…bastard was staring at your ass and only I'm allowed to dance with you." He replied harshly.

"Well jeez, I'm sorry, I never knew you owned me." I replied, icily.

"Stop being so impossible!" He whined. I rolled my eyes, surprised when Jimmy unexpectedly kissed me. Of course, be attracted to Jimmy and all, I kissed him back immediately. I wrapped my arms around his neck, enjoying our moment.

He broke it off, nuzzling my cheek. "I'm sorry…I just missed you." His comment made me laugh, and I kissed his cheek.

"I was here all along, you just had to talk to me!" He looked at me, with a raised eyebrow.

"You mean…I could've talked to you and you wouldn't have blocked me out?! AND I WAITED TWO DAYS?" He said surprised. I nodded, laughing, while he whined.

"And I had to forego two days with out your touch, smell, sound of your voice, your hugs, your kisses…" He mumbled. He kissed me again, passion exploding. He took off my shirt, while my hands explored the muscles on his chest, and he chuckled. "What?" I asked breathlessly.

"Nothing…you just seem to like my chest." He said, smiling. I blushed, and he kissed me again.

I'm guessing you can tell what happened after that.

I remembered when Jimmy first proposed, which I gladly accepted.

"Jimmy, where the hell are you taking me?!" I asked, giggling.

"I, am taking you somewhere special." He said, somewhat nervously. At the time I was 23, and he was 24.

I felt the car stop, although I could see nothing, thanks to Jimmy blindfolding me. I trusted him, so I didn't protest too much…although he had to sling me over his shoulder to get me to go into the car. Oh no, it wasn't that I didn't want to go, it was that I kept bumping into things, and after five minutes, Jimmy became frustrated, although he was having a good laughing at that.

Jimmy opened the door, and took my hand. He chuckled to himself, "Am I going to have to carry you to the designated spot?" He said, laughing.

"Jimmy, where's the back of your head?" I asked. He took my hand, and put it where I asked him. In a moment, I smacked him playfully. "Oww…" He whined. I just smirked.

"No seriously, do I need to carry you?" He asked. With all the nerve! "Do I need to slap you again?!" I asked. He just slung me over his shoulder, me laughing and screaming for him to put me down.

In two minutes, he complied. He un-blindfolded me, and I took a look around. We were on a cliff, surrounded by trees. The sky was a dark blue; of course the time being around 10:30pm, I would expect that. Below us, farther away, I saw all the light from the city shining brightly at us. I gasped, it was absolutely beautiful. I turned around and hugged Jimmy tightly.

"Wait, wait. That's not it." He mumbled, nervousness completely showing. He got down on one knee, pulling out a small black box. He open the box, and a gorgeous white gold ring was staring at me. In the middle was a blood red ruby, with two smaller diamonds on each side surrounding it. I heard fire works, and looked ahead. I saw nothing, until Jimmy switched sides.

In fireworks, I saw the words 'Will You Marry Me?' written. I gasped, tears streaming down my face. I jumped on Jimmy, hugging him tightly, until I heard him speak, extremely muffled. "Is that a yes?" I laughed, and nodded my head rapidly, not trusting my voice. He slipped the ring on, on top of our promise rings.

I stared at the ring, gaping. I stood up, dancing a completely stupid jig, mumbling 'My fiancé is Jimmy! My fiancé is Jimmy!" Jimmy laughed, and joined in, except he was saying 'My fiancée is Rachel, my fiancée is Rachel!'

He laughed, and whispered " Happy Birthday Rachel." I smiled hopelessly, kissing him shamelessly.

Needless to say, when we got home, Jimmy and I…uh…yeah, that.

Six months later, on December first, we got married, which meant he proposed in July; on my birthday. That was the best gift anyone could've ever gotten me. I absolutely loved out wedding; it was the best that I could ever have imagined.

My dress was pure white, strapless. It puffed out a bit at the end, but not too much that it was ugly. It had a bit of embroidery at the top, and at the bottom. I was wearing a necklace that spread out on my neck, white in colour as well. A veil currently covered my blushing face, and my hair, which was curled and tied up at the top of my head. My hands were covered in gloves, which went up to just above my elbows. My dress and gloves were both very silky.

I stared at Jimmy at the end of the alter, making my face go even redder. He was wearing a black suit, wearing the crimson shirt I picked out for him when we went to party that Jimmy saved me from. I started to laugh, knowing Jimmy did this on purpose, to surprise me, and I had to congratulate him on that.

Of course, my dad was supposed to be walking me down the aisle, but since he wasn't here with us, my friend's dad volunteered. I thanked him numerously, and he just replied with 'My pleasure. You're at our house a whole lot, so it's like you're my fifth child.' I laughed, knowing it was true.

My maid of honour, I had two. Unusual, sure, but I couldn't choose between them. Of course, they were Sarah and Cherelle. I had four bridesmaids, Erin, Adla, Janet and my sister. Jimmy had two best men; Kenny and Jack if you'd believe. Yes, Jasmine and I were very tight, and Jimmy gained a friend, Jack. The way they complain, you wouldn't believe.

I reached the end of the alter, meeting Jimmy there. The priest started to say what he was supposed to say, but I didn't hear a thing. I was staring at Jimmy, while he did the same. The priest broke the stare-fest, because I had to repeat what he had said. I blushed, looking down embarrassed. A little ripple of laughter erupted from the audience.

We had Jasmine's baby boy and girl be the ring bearer and flower girl, considering she had twins. Yes, I said twins. They were both seven at the time. When it came to putting on the rings, Jimmy just took off my glove, and slipped it on. I did the same for him, except I didn't take off any gloves, considering he didn't have any on. We whispered our 'I do's', and kissed.

I'm guessing we kissed for a good five minutes, until the priest 'ahemed' us, causing us to break apart. We started our first dance, dancing 'Until The Day I Die' by Story Of The Year. Yes, an awkward song to be dancing to, but we both agreed to it. I had originally wanted it to be 'Monsters' by Matchbook Romance, but it didn't seem to fit. That had been the second song they had played.

When it came to tossing the bouquet, I couldn't believe how many people wanted it. I laughed scanning the crowd. Even Jasmine was there, although she was married already. I saw Jack frowning, until he pulled her from the crowd. They talked briefly, and I knew Jasmine's excuse was that she wanted to be there when I threw the bouquet, not because she wanted a divorce. Jack look pretty embarrassed after that.

I threw the bouquet, and guess who caught it? Cherelle did. Which was pretty ironic, considering that she actually was the next person to get married; to a guy named Adrian, that was now a very good friend of Jimmy.

I smiled, as Jimmy entered the room. He saw my smiling face, and sat down beside me. He kissed my cheek, wrapping an arm around my waist. He hadn't changed much since I first saw him; still having his hair the same way, still having his lip ring. He didn't wear make-up anymore, except for the occasional eyeliner that he stole from me.

"What are you smiling at, beautiful?" He whispered, laying a hand on my bloated stomach, drawing circles subconsciously.

I looked out at our patio; considering we had moved from an apartment to a gorgeous house. Jimmy still worked at the same place; just he got promoted to president. I had a job too, except I was away on maternity leave. I was a veterinarian, with a Master's Degree, working towards my PhD.

I looked out at our three kids. Our oldest was a boy, who I could tell had my hair colour, but had Jimmy's dazzling eyes. Currently he was only two, with his twin sister. Yes, twins. I'm guessing it's genetic, considering my sister had twins as well. Our other child was a boy again, except with Jimmy's black hair and my light brown eyes. Sometimes you could see blue hinting in it, if the light bounced off his eyes in a certain way. Or when he changed mood. He was only one.

I placed my hand on my stomach, intertwining my fingers with Jimmy's. I was pregnant, again, and according to the doctor, we were having another girl. I was due in about a month and a half, and Jimmy couldn't be any happier. I remembered when I had first told him I was pregnant.

I was wrapped in Jimmy's arms, warmed by his presence. I was truthfully uneasy about telling him I was pregnant, but he deserved to know.

I nudged him, swallowing harshly. He looked at me, worriedly.

"Rach, you've been acting all strange lately, what's going on?" He whispered.

"I've got something to tell you…I hope you won't take it badly." I whispered, my voice cracking.

He nodded slightly.

"I'm…I'm…pregnant." I whispered out the last part; but Jimmy heard completely.

"You're…you're…pregnant?" He said, a huge smile breaking out. I exhaled a breath I didn't know I was holding, and nodded. He hugged me tightly, squealing with delight. He jumped up, dancing with me, the same stupid jig I did when Jimmy proposed to me.

"I'm gonna be a daddy, I'm gonna be a daddy!" He exclaimed. I laughed, joining him in doing the Carlton dance, from 'Fresh Prince From Belair'.

I looked at our wedding picture set on the table near where Jimmy and myself were sitting We were both hugging, our cheeks against each other's, smiling at the camera brightly. Jimmy's hands around my waist, my around his back. It was my favourite picture, I loved it to bits. Our house was filled with tons of pictures.

"Oh nothing much…just how absolutely perfect everything turned out to be." I smiled at him, he grinned back, and leaned forward and kissed me, so lovingly. Life couldn't get any better.

The Real End.

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