Chapter 1: Meeting Jak Insoa Watson

One time, when I was fourteen years old, I had skipped school for ten days and just spent that time at the malls' Gamers' Haven (or so they called it). I think it was a Friday at 11:30am.

While I was there, just getting my gaming on, a Goth dude by the name of Jak Watson he was dressed in the basic all black attire: the black nails, the black eye-linear, the black lipstick, pure black hair with a streak of dark blue in it, had pure black eyes but with a small hint of dark blue around the edges, had an Caucasian skin complexion, about the age of sixteen years of age, black trench coat, and a black t-shirt that said: Didn't I make you proud, go and lay my life down. Didn't I burn, didn't I bleed enough for you. I faced your fears, felt the pain so you won't have to! came up to the game that I was playing and put 50 cents on the second players' side; after the game was over I had the most people killed while he didn't. So right before he left he said to me "You play a hell of a great game, but next time you won't be so lucky. Same place, same time tomorrow chica."

"Sure thing ummm… Wait what is your name anyways." Amelia said as he was about to head out the door of Gamers' Haven.

"The name is Jak Insoa Watson; you can either call me Jak or Insoa, Miss Umm… I didn't get your name either chica." Jak said as he looked straight into my dark green eyes.

"Oh, my name is Amelia Atria Talhal. You can call me either Atria or Melia. Sure thing about being here tomorrow, just you make sure that you keep your end of our little bargain Mr. Watson." said Amelia with a bit of a sarcastic tone and an 'I dare you to not come because if you don't then you'll be sorry.'

As we both left the arcade, I got a phone call from my mothers' cell phone number.

"Amelia Atria Talhal, I just got a call from your school at my job. They are saying that you haven't been to school in ten days. Starting tomorrow you are grounded for two weeks." yelled Mrs. Talhal on the end of the phone. Although you couldn't see it, but her face was that of a red hot chili pepper.

Amelia ran after Jak in the opposite direction away from the correct direction to her house. She finally caught up with him, catching her breath as her hand rested peacefully on his shoulder.

"Umm Atria, are you okay?" asked Jak a little concerned and confused as to why he should care about someone that he just met a few hours ago.

"Yeah I'm fine, just a little out of breath that's all. I also wanted to ask you if we could like change the rematch to say two weeks after at the same place and time on Monday." Atria said as she finally straightened herself out and stared into Jak's pure black eyes.

"Umm sure thing, but why do you want to change it when tomorrow is a Saturday?" said Jak, itching his confused head of as to why she asked him that question in the first place.

"Because my mom finally found out that I've been skipping school for ten days straight. So is the new agreements of when the rematch is to be taking place to your liking." asked Amelia, becoming a little fed up at how long this little conversation of theirs was taking; she need to get home fast before her mother told her father about her little vacation from school.

"Ouch, hope your mom won't be too hard on ya. Anyways the agreements are perfect; see ya two weeks from Monday Atria." said Jak as he walked off in the same direction as before; Atria stared at him for a few minutes as he left, then realized that she still had to run to get home before her dad did.

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