A poem for a Vampire

Golden rays from the

Late afternoon

Sink their shimmering fingers

Back into the earth.

Sister moon yawns- it's her

Time to rise and paint the air


Deep within a crypt

Where dust and spiders dance

And the dead sleeps eternal.

A pair of frozen eyes reveal their

Crimson pools, and the nosferatu


Stalking the shadows with feline grace

The hunter seeks its prey.

A lonely stranger caught

Like a deer to a panther

The game began slowly.

Twisting through the cobbled streets

And keeping to the light

Bathing the deer in gold.

The panther melts through puddles of

Shadow, ending the game he plays.

Catching the deer at last,

Tender flesh caught by ivory white

Setting scarlet rivers a flow.

Life flickers once, twice and falters

Falling to the ground, lifeless.

Reddened lips pull into a smile

Feral and wild.

Sister moon sings to her children

The night is wearing thin

Brother sun will soon rise again

And waken the living.

Panther falls back within the shadows

Dancing around the morning mist

And returns to the dancing dust and spiders

To slumber and wait for

Another night to possess the darkness

And bring alive the Vampire.