"Now Jasmine, have you got everything?" Mrs Roberts asked.

"Yes Mum, I may be blonde but I am not That blonde," I answered. I was off to university, and my mum was fretting more about it than I was.

I guess now is as a good time to introduce myself, my name is Jasmine Jones, my friend call me J for short. I have strawberry blonde hair which comes just past my shoulders, 5'9 and have a mixture of green hazel eyes but according to my best friend Ava I deliberately try to dress down and not show my natural beauty. She's on a permanent high - no not the drug kind- just too hyperactive. I was so excited about going to UCLA especially with Ava.

My mum was being her usual self of running around like a headless chicken whilst I was sitting there waiting for Ava to come. Ava and I had both decided to move out even though we lived about 30 minutes drive from campus. Our parents were rich we could do that besides we wanted freedom.

"Ah, finally," my mum twitted when the doorbell rang.

"Hey auntie. Sorry we were a bit late I was stressing about what to pack and not to pack." Ava is just like my mum its scary, I swear when Ava said that my mum actually smiled and gave me 'the look' as to say why cant you be like that. I got up n hugged my friend.

"I can't believe we're finally going J," Ava said. I smiled she's wanted to leave her house since she practically came left her mums womb. Ava was a pretty girl, but I first met her when we were freshman in high school she came up to me in orientation and started talking to me from there we become best friends. Where as I had blonde hair Ava had light brown hair which suited her hazel eyes. She was 5'7 but always wore heels to match my height.

We were finally on our way, my mum as Ava's had rented vans to take our stuff to our dorms. Thank god we were sharing but we also had to share with another girl I just hope she is a nice girl and not one of those girls. You know the type I mean.

"Jasmine, please put that book down," my mum was the only person that called me Jasmine, even my dad called me J or his munchkin…hmmmm…. I dunno which is worse munchkin or Jasmine. I am a bookaholic, I love reading, but I had this tendency to read anywhere even in the toilet. I know I'm crazy. I looked up form my book and saw we were here. My new home. It looked so big. I looked around and saw hundreds of people just like me carting stuff from there vans to their rooms.

I walked into my room with Ava and saw there were three beds and then we walked through another door and saw the kitchen, and living room. Ava ran down the room and saw another door and opened it and in there were another three beds but this time we saw two hot guys talking. My mouth opened then closed and then opened and once again closed. Ava was all smiles and said to the guys "Hi my name is Ava. What are you guys doing here? I swear this dorm wasn't co-ed"

One guy with brown spiky hair and gorgeous blue piercing eyes stood up he had a nice body you could tell he worked out. He stuck his hand out " Hey, my names Lucas. No I'm pretty sure this is a co-ed dorm."

"I'm Reese," the other guy spoke standing up. For a second I forgot he was there. They both turned to look at me standing by myself at the other side of the room opening my mouth and closing it like a goldfish. I guess I must of stood there for about another minute then my brain restored itself and I didn't look like a airhead any longer. Yayyyy! I walked up to them where Ava was standing looking at me thinking 'smooth J smooooth'.

"Hey, sorry about that I'm Jasmine but everyone calls me J. I was just having a weird moment. Not crazy weird but I couldn't fathom how we ended up in co-ed. So sorry for looking at you like I had never seen a guy before. Cause I've seen guys yup seen loads of them." They stood there looking at me but I couldn't shut up. Arghhhh! "All different kinds of guys and ones even better looking then you. Not that you're not good looking because you sure are but I can talk to guys without looking like a fool. The moral of this is I can talk to guys without looking like a freak." And I smiled at them. They just looked at me the same way they did before I spoke to them like a freak.

Ava dryly said "We'll I'm glad we established that J, but I think its time we left the guys. So you guys later for orientation." She dragged me back to our dorm. " What was up with you in there acting like you've never seen a guy before. And stop before you go into that speech about how you've seen plenty of guys." She started giggling then so did I its true I acted like a complete ditz and the strange thing is I cant even remember why. That's when we realised there was another girl in the room.

"Hi, my name is Molly. Yes I know strange name I think it's because I was conceived during the era of The Breakfast Club' and 'Pretty in Pink'." She seemed nice she was very pretty but had that down to earth look. "Hi, I'm Jasmine but everyone calls me J if they wanna live and this is my friend Ava; we're your dorm mates." She smiled "Awwww, cool. So I heard you talking to Lucas and Reese… talk about having the luck of the draw. I can't believe we have 2 hot guys that are gonna be sleeping a room away from us. I'm never leaving this room without make up." I smiled her and Ava would get on great cause Ava loved make up me on the other hand hated it I was a tomboy and proud of it.

We all left together to go to orientation and heard about the rights and wrongs that happened around campus and were told that we'd get our classes tomorrow. " so did u hear?" I heard Molly talking to us. "You know Elias Smith?" Ava smiled "The steel company Smith Steel's boss, yehhh he's like the 3rd richest man in the world. Who hasn't heard of him?" Molly came closer" I heard his son Riley Smith is coming to our uni. Wouldn't it be cool if it was true?"

We were walking back to the dorm when we were confronted by mayhem. There were hundreds of girls screaming trying to get to our dorm. Me and the girls made our way though and this big guy had the nerve to stop me. "Where do you think your going miss?" I looked up and curled my lip "This is my dorm room, now let me in!"

"can I see you ID card please?"

I shoved it in his face I was getting angry with all the girls screaming and this doofus for not letting me into my room. I mean I know Lucas and Reese were good looking but to have all this commotion over them. I swear I'll never understand girls.

He looked at me and nodded, finally! I walked into my dorm with Ava and Molly. We were all still thinking about what on earth happened out there and then HE walked through the boy's dorm into the living room.

"Hey, I'm Riley Smith." I looked at him he was very nice I could see why the girls were going crazy over him. He had dark brown hair which looked like the messy look but it suited him and he was 6'1 talk about being tall, he had amazing green eyes and dimples I wanted to die on the floor there. But I was still angry about coming in from the door with all that mayhem outside. I looked at him and walked off.

Ava jumped in "Sorry, Hi I'm Ava, this is Molly and the girl who just left is Jas, she's just annoyed with all the mayhem going on outside."

"Should I go apologise?" He asked

"Oh no don't worry about her she'll liven up soon" Thanks Ava nice way to talk about your best friend. He should come and apologise to me.