Jas's POV

It was first week of lectures at University. I was sitting in the lecture hall waiting for my Advanced Ethics professor to turn up…. And guess who decides to sit next to me.

That's right! You got it in one!


I gave him a look of disgust "Why are you invading my personal space."

"It's a free country I'm allowed to situate my stonkingly ample ass wherever I fell the need to."

Whilst we were having this heated conversation (strangely I was the only one who was getting angry…. Riley was sitting there cool as a cucumber) I failed to notice that the entire female population in the lecture hall were proceeding in giving me the most evilest looks possible.

"I think your adoring fans are upset your not sitting next to them, why don't you go

bug them. I'm sure they'd appreciate it."

"That wouldn't be as fun as how much I'm irritating you right now."

Grrrrr, the boy was insufferable. I still couldn't believe he was doing Advanced Ethics, I bet he doesn't have an ethical body in his body.

"Welcome to Advanced Ethics ladies and gentlemen! Pleasure to have you all here…Since this is Advanced Ethics I expect more of you then I get from my students in Ethics 101."

"He seems a bit pretentious," Riley whispered to me.

"Stop talking to me, you're interrupting my note taking." We both looked down at my notepad all I had written was 'Introduction' and underlined it about 10 times. He smirked at me.

"Shut up," I hissed.

"Ah, I see we already have a volunteer." I looked up. OH MY GOD! The lecturer was looking at me. My mouth was frozen into a goldfish pose. "Can you tell me which famous philosopher quoted 'It makes no difference whether a good man has defrauded a bad man, or a bad man defrauded a good man, or whether a good or bad man has committed adultery: the law can look only to the amount of damage done.'

Oh my god! My mind has totally gone blank! Was it Plato or Socrates?

"Aristotle." I turned to look to my right. My mouth dropped even further then I thought was possible. That word had come from Riley's mouth. Oh my lord. I feel like crying.

"Yes, excellent. Your name?" Oh lord my professor was asking for Riley's name already…. dammit that should have been me!

"Riley Smith, Sir."

Professor Walker turned to look at me. "Well, dear it's a good thing you have an intelligent boy so clued up in Ethics sitting next to you."

The students in the lecture hall were sniggering. Rat bastards!

"Actually, Professor Walker, you neglected to mention that the quote was from Nicomachean Ethics." Said Lucy Haddon, she lived in the halls below me. She gave me that smug look after she had said it. What! What did I do to her to deserve that look? Then I looked to where her eyes were now resting. On that big doofus next. God its not like I said come and sit next to me I did try and make him go somewhere else.

"Actually my dear, its expected that you know it came from that source, Ernest Rehan once quoted 'To be able to think freely, a man must be certain that no consequence will follow whatever he writes' however you put yourself in a position to be ridiculed my your peers for being to boulshy and not thinking before speaking."

Hahahaha shame Lucy, in your face. I must have been laughing so crazily inside that I let out a snort. Riley stared at me in astonishment, whereas Lucy gave me a cold hard glare.

Ohhhhhhh how I hate herrrrr.

The rest of the lecture went by in a blur I ignored Riley completely and ran out the door as soon as the lecture was over.

"Hey, wait up!" I turned to look around and saw Riley chasing after me.

I kept on moving, fairies would fly out of my arse before I waited for him. Actually moving isn't the word I fell into a brisk jog.

"Jasmine!" This time I didn't look, however I felt a hand pulling my shoulder. Ahhh crap I've been caught.

"Why were you running away from me?"

"I wasn't running, I was having my morning jog."

"At 2 o ' clock in the afternoon?"

"Yes!" I knew I was wrong people, but I'm not going to let him win.

"In the main building, which is swarming with students?"

Crap he had me there.

"Actually, I was warming up so I can totally get into the zone by the time I reach the park!" Ha lets what Mr I've-got-a-comeback-for-everything says to that.

He was trying not to laugh. "Oh go on spit whatever you want to say out!" I said.

"Isn't the park 3 miles away?"


I had nothing to say. Poops.

I guess he could tell I was rendered speechless again. What is with me, this is twice in 1 hour. I think I need to see a doctor. Oh my god! What if something is actually wrong with me? What will I do?

"Ermmm" OH poops I had gone off tangent there. Dammit the insufferable fool was still in front of me.

"Was there something that you wanted Mr Smith?"

"Yeh, you dropped this in your quick dash to go 'morning' jogging in the 'main hall'."

In his hands were on my extra jumbo purple Always ultra pad- now with flexible wings.

OH my god.


Ground this is where you swallow me up now. I closed my eyes praying that the ground would swallow me, but to my dismay I was still rooted to the same spot with Riley holding the humongous purple pad for the world to see.

I was now blushing a colour that could pass for beetroot. Crap. Think fast J!

"Errrr, thanks!" Good one J! I tried snatching the pad out of his hand but the boy seriously had a death grip on it.

"Nope, you don't get away that easily missy" Did he just call me 'missy'? Who does that? "Since we both know that you want this pad, it makes me think I should make you do something for me in order for you to get back this jumbo pad, you see?"

I snarled my lip at him. Fine if that's the way he wants it!

"Two can play your game bucko!" I said. "You can keep the pad!" And then I walked off leaving him them with his mouth open and the jumbo purple pad still in his hand.

"I'm telling you Molly it was wayyy freaky, he's been a twat to me all this time and today he tried to act like my best friend. No way can he ever replace my Ava."

It was the evening after that unfortunate incident with the boy that shall now be known as 'POOPY'. We were getting ready to go to a freshman rave in Lester Halls, where Joshua stayed. I was excited as I hadn't spoke to him all day and yesterday I told him I wasn't going to go as I wanted to surprise him.

"Well, ignore him Hun" Molly said. "Just think about how buffalicious you're going to look for Joshua today once I'm finished with you. I'm nearly done with your curls god you look so gorgeous, if I was a guy I would so do you right now. Happily." She added as an afterthought. I looked at her and we both ended up in hysterics.

"Don't make me laugh!" I cried. "My make up's going to run." Wow I was turning into such a girl.

Ava came bursting in to the room. She looked at me and gasped. "Oh my god, you look like a movieeee star!" Yep I was beetroot again. "God, Joshua's not gona believe his eyes!" How right she was.

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