The gates are open

There's no reason to hide

He knows every reason why you have cried

He knows all the things inside your mind

He isn't hard to find

Just call his name

And he will bring you this flame

Inside the flame is everything you ever expected

And remember that you will never be disconnected

Because He loves you oh so much

He has you in his clutch

Always and forever

He is there to help you with whatever

Don't worry about a thing

Don't think of him as a thing, but as a King

Love and honor you King with all your heart

And never depart

You are his child

The first time He saw you, He smiled

Speak to Him as if He was your best friend

And He will help you to comprehend

All of the reasons of why you are here

We need to spread this love and cheer

You need to stick to His plan

It is not in any way just some scam

He loves you so greatly

Don't worry about the things you've done wrong lately

He forgives you for anything you've done or thought

You've already been caught

He loves you with all his might

Now raise your sword for Him and fight

He is right by your side

And he will fight with you with pride

He has opened the flood gates

And He just waits,

For you to find one

Find one and your life will have begun

Let the tears from your heart fall

There's no need to feel small

The gates are open and he is waiting for you

And all you have to do is pursue