Nothing More

There is a pain deep inside of me

A sea, a storm with crashing waves

Tearing down all that remains

Of the person I once was

Before the day the clouds turned black

And everything

Was lost


I stand upon a cliff

Rain slashing at my skin

Watching as all I loved and all I had

Is washed away on tear capped waves

Of misery and loss

Crying out in drowning voices

Of my betrayal and misery


The waves crash under me

Eating away at the cliff on which I stand

A warning of what will come to pass

If all I do is stand and watch

As the world drowns in my tears

When I could have listened to my heart

And the Voice of God


I cannot tell the difference

Between my tears and drops of the sea

Too numb to feel or care anymore

About my life or the soul I have lost

I feel no pain from the marks on my skin

No pain from the blood that falls

Just an empty loneliness

Of my blackened, bleeding heart


With eyes closed to the pain of the world

Arms outstretched to embrace my destiny

I step off the cliff and fall

Into the arms of the sea

Where I feel no agony

As it tears away at all I ever was

Leaving me as nothing more

Than the salt

Of the sea


11:15 am