You Never Loved Me

Yes, I loved you,

I gave you everything, or I tried,

But still you never loved me,

But you said you did and lied,

You just didn't want to be alone,

You wanted me to fill what was once there,

You played with me, and you used me,

As you would run your fingers through my hair,

You told me you loved me,

You told me everything I wanted to hear,

And I tried to offer you the world,

But later you became my greatest fear…

You took me into your world,

And watched me break,

You told me words that were comforting,

But they were all fake,

You told me we'd be together forever,

Well you were wrong,

I'll admit I wanted to believe it too,

But I figured out you're not where I belong…

I thought you cared when you held me,

So I gave you my heart,

I thought I was everything to you,

But it was only a game from the start,

Well I'm tired of playing by your rules,

I'm tired of you giving me all the blame,

Quit trying to make me want you back,

I'm not taking part in your game,

Yes I'll admit I wanted your love,

And I tried to make you see,

And I thought we both understood,

But still you never loved me…

When I told you I didn't love you,

You didn't put up a fight,

When I told you I hated you,

You still slept well that night,

As much as I wanted you to love me,

I truly knew you didn't care,

As often as you told me 'I love you,'

I knew your love was never there,

I didn't want to believe it,

There was always something I wanted you to be,

And I thought you were what I wanted,

But still… You never loved me…