Because She Fears Rejection

She caught herself,

Standing alone, waiting there,

Waiting for him to walk by her,

Of her existence, he seems unaware,

She feels invisible to him,

Since he always seems to walk by,

Not taking any notice of her,

No matter how much she would try.

Every time she seems to be somewhere,

He always seems to catch her eye,

But she can never talk to him,

Though at first she can't figure out why…

She soon found herself in his class,

She couldn't help but just stare,

She didn't even know why,

Since she could tell he didn't care,

There's just something about him,

That makes her feel as if in a trance,

Like the whole world around her stops,

But he'll never cast her a glance…

Everyone tells her he's stupid,

He's not what she thinks; he's a fake,

But she only shakes her head,

She doesn't want her hope to break,

He's her reason for getting up every morning,

Just the sight of him makes the day,

It makes her have this ease inside,

Even if he does have that girl with him, it's okay,

She has to have something to hang onto,

She has to have something to believe in,

Somewhere to place her only hopes,

Even if she knows she won't win…

She can't talk to him,

Rejection is what she fears,

But of course he doesn't know that,

He'll never see her inner tears,

He doesn't even know of her existence,

Nor does he know her name,

She can't talk to him because of rejection,

But she still feels love for him all the same…