If You Could Come Back From the Death

Deathly is this silence (when I come home & you are not there)

Unstoppable the agony (when I look for you & knowing you have gone)

Mortifying is the feeling (of loneliness & death)

Mournful is the heart (as you turn to ashes)

Undeniable the truth (of my beloved becoming dust)

Torturous the nightmares (of once sweet dreams)

Unbreakable the pain

Swaying through the days (Of searching for things that are long gone)

Bruised the soul, cold and torn the hopes.

& even though I'm aware (that you can't come back from the death)

I still hope to wake (you) up through the day

(I'd see you when I pray)

You're (in) my everyday

I. Miss. You.

Camila; April 22, 1994 – January 13, 2006



A/N: My way of dealing with the pain I'm going through. If you are going to criticize this piece I plead that you don't comment. It's hard enough already.