Your Life Regret

Everyone is worried about you,

Weather you like it or not we care,

And you…

You're not there,

To hear us,

I try to understand,

I try to save you,

I try to catch your hand,

But you pull away,

And slip through,

And I,

Can no longer reach you.

You stress mom,

You cause her pain,

When you run off like that,

Sometimes I think you're insane…

Dad wants to know what you were thinking,

But just like before,

You just don't answer,

That's right, you don't think anymore,

You don't care,

But we do,

I don't know why,

But we still worry about you…

In case you didn't notice,

You use to be a hero in your brother's eyes,

And with all the questions,

You cover them up with lies…

And you know it hurts,

To see your hero fall apart,

Right before your eyes,

And to have a crushed heart,

Your hero's gone,

He's dead,

He gave away his own heart,

And left instead…

Yeah, the whole family is hurting,

Yet you go off to find,

Something else, and…

What was so important that you leave your family behind?

Your friends tried to warn you,

You should've listened from the start,

But you didn't listen to them,

You gave away your heart,

And trusted it to someone,

Someone that meant more,

Someone that was worth losing your friends over,

Someone who shut the door,

Someone who sealed your only escape,

Now you're neck deep in the lies,

You break your promises,

Oh how time flies…

You hurt mom and dad too often,

You break your brother's heart,

And me…

I'm falling apart…

I don't know what to think,

I try to hold it all inside,

Just like I always did,

I try to hide,

And I always listen when you speak,

But you can't hear me when I scream,

And as time passes on,

The cries grow louder it can seem,

But no one hears,

You think I'm so strong,

And I try to put this all behind me,

But it takes too long…

I can't let it go,

I can't forget,

I try not to say something,

I'll regret,

But it's hard,

Especially when you've made it this far,

And everyone wants to know if you cry,

But you cover up the scar,

You hide it all,

You can't let anyone see who you are,

You wear a mask,

No one sees the scar…

But when you can see that it hurts someone,

You take it off too,

Then they know,

Your crying is true,

But when you try to hide it,

It's hard to wear the mask again,

Kind of like,

It's hard to depart from a comfortable sin…

You don't notice or understand,

That you reopen the sore,

With what you do and say,

But cover them up like you did before,

Don't do this,

Don't run off and leave family behind,

We want to be there for you,

But it's hard when you're so unkind,

But we'll forgive it,

In time we'll forget,

But don't let this be,

Your Life Regret…