Frozen teardrops across your delicate face

Did he harm you again?

Such an innocent soul


Your once warm fingers so icy and cold

Did he do this to you?

You can't stop shaking

You can barely breathe

You are drowning in your tears

You were once so full of life

Now you are just a dark shadow of what you were

Yearning for his touch, his warmth

The way your heart would beat every time you were near him

It's all in the past now

It has left your soul calling for the grave

All those cold, moonless nights

Wishing for the pain to end

Then one night you cracked under pressure

You knew this was the last straw

You grew colder and colder each day

You now feel no fear

And you know no pain

You turn on people in an instant

Like what had been done in the past so many times before

Your heart once so full of love

Now has festered into a strong hateful rage

She faded further and further away from everyone

From her friends, her love, her family, and God

Trusting no one but herself

And the few people that actually cared

She learned to distance herself from people

The past was still sketched in her memory

She learned to hate and seek revenge

She learned that love is nothing but heartbreak

But there is still a special someone out there

She also learned the most important thing of all:

"I am destined to do great things"

She knew that everything was by fate

Her destiny was now clear to her

And she was not going to waste her second chance at being free

She finally found what was right

That girl was me