Mirror Broke Her

Her only friend was mirror,

Who she thought could see her...

Her reflection was cold,

She hated her soul being sold,

To none other than the mirror of glass,

Who was thought to make looks last,

But the promise wasn't kept,

Each night she cried as she slept.

In her dreams,

Her reflection was not what it seems,

Her refection smears,

Her black mascara stained tears,

Bleed down her pale face,

And are wiped away by gloves made of lace,

Her friend, her mirror,

Didn't keep her...

She threw mirror down to watch it shatter,

As the glass broke she didn't think it would matter,

When she bent down to pick up the shards of glass,

That breath would be her last...

The mirror's glass began cutting through her skin,

This was a battle she couldn't win,

As the glass cut through her vein,

She couldn't stand the crimson pain,

She tried and tried,

But the pain was too much inside...

Her supposed friend mirror,

Had decided that night to break her...