When you look at me,

What's the first thing you see?

Do you look far enough to find,

The smile that leaves my true feelings of you blind?

No one can see that empty space,

No one can clarify the tear stained face,

They don't see my hope decay,

I just want someone to stay,

I need someone to be my lucky charm,

Someone to hold me while I cry in their arms....

So many things cross over in my mind,

So many things I can't leave behind,

I just want an emotion to feel,

An emotion to break my walls of steal...

I hate crying myself to sleep,

I hate that I don't have your heart to keep,

They want to watch my faith die,

Then make theirattempts to make me cry,

No, I don't want to wait up in a tower,

I don't want to be locked away hour after hour,

Waiting for my savior, my knight,

For him to win victory of this fight,

I'll slay the dragon on my own,

Just please don't leave me alone,

I'll live in your castle in the sky,

I'll believe your every lie,

Even if it's all fake,

Just don't let my heart break...

I'm trying to be patient and wait,

Since it can never be too late,

Sometimes I wonder if you'll ever try,

And if you don't, then these tears will never dry,

I'm being your princess, sitting by the window in a chair,

Waiting and wishing for you to be there,

Waiting for you, who will always understand,

Waiting for you to take my hand,

Hold me as you chase away all my fears,

Waiting for you to dry these tears....