Easy Come, Easy Go

That's how it ends,

Easy come, Easy go,

Where it will stop,

No one will know…

People can change over time,

Even the best of friends can't stay,

Even family can grow far apart,

And those who you trust melt away,

And it seems you're losing someone,

You're losing someone every day,

A piece of you is dying all the time,

And slowly your trust begins to decay,

To where you begin to build something,

Around your core you add on to a wall,

And it seems the more people you lose,

The harder it is for you to fall.


Your friends are slowly moving away,

And letting you down more and more,

Until you get to where you can't feel anything,

You can't feel pain like you did before,

You can't feel happiness even,

Your walls are getting stronger and stronger,

Yet you can't feel any emotion in yourself,

And you think you can't hold on any longer.

You've learned to take every hit,

Even when you're already down before,

Your friends only stand by and let it happen,

They don't come to you when you hit the floor,

They only stand by the sidelines and watch,

You try to keep your guard up and not give in,

But suddenly your walls inside are hit,

This is a battle you know you can't win…


Your breath is caught in your throat,

You tilt your head upward to the sky,

Your eyes fill up with water,

As your walls slowly begin to die.

Everything that you've held inwardly,

All the things that you try to hide,

Finally begin to reach your surface,

And you remember all the times you've cried.

Your friends may leave you,

And make your insides burn,

But maybe they'll remember you,

Even if they don't return…

That's how it ends,

Easy come, Easy go,

Where it will stop…

No one will know…