She feels so alone,

in a world that is cruel.

Her name is Serenity.

She's mean and cold hearted on the outside.

On the inside she's scared.

Her dad died three years ago,

causing her lots of pain.

Her thoughts of suicide put her in a mental institution.

She felt even more alone.

She got out two weeks after her first thoughts of suicide.

Her grades almost failed her

in the 8th grade.

She barely passed.

She thought herself as a failure.

Until she met her ex boyfriend Josh at an amusement park.

Her 9th grade year

she was called a "slut" and a "whore.

She wasn't.

She wanted to fit in

nothing would help.

She met a girl named Cloe

who taught her to cut.

She wrapped herself in isolation,

and cut away.

It continued for two years.

She kept secrets from her mother.

Which ended her mothers trust.

She met a guy on the Internet.

He was married and lived in Canada.

He became her best friend;

her only friend.

Only to be known as a pedophile.

She was left lonely and emotionally scarred.

No one seemed to understand her.

She missed her daddy.

And she finally stopped cutting.

She is now happy!