Loss of Breath
By Simply Shelby

My lungs stop upon their own volition
Logic and reason seem to unfurl
Putting me into this flighty position
Where all my thoughts twist and whirl

Dizziness and loss of breath
The world seem to stop, then twirl
Reality becomes less and less
The complexities uncurl

A calm, dark void draws near
My eyes begin to slide shut
There's no longer any fight or fear
Something stops me, but I know not what

Voices call and hands gently pat
Cold air comes rushing inside quick
And oxygen pulls me forcefully back
As I try to breath and not panic

Gulping greedily, I have the thoughts
Of where I am and who they be
Of the thing that I've just fought
And of the thing that just fought me

Exhaustion and depression settle in
And for not the first time I contemplate
About this thing that has me trapped within
This evil thing I deeply hate