I lay on my back on top of my sister's bed observing her as she stuffed her cloths into a large cowhide bag. My head and brown hair were hanging of the side of the bed.

I began questioning her again.

"Why do you have to do your own work again?" we're royal stupid. "Just ask your nanny to do it"

My sister shot me an exasperated look. Her blue pierced through me. They always did when she was annoyed or excited.

"Look I'm not tiny, OK? I don't have a nanny. I have my ladies in waiting. Plus-"

"Well then get them to do it!"

"Look Zen." I hate it when people call me that "You're still twelve, you just don't understand. You know quite well I'm getting married soon, thus my maids have a lot of things to prepare. I have to help them as much as I can."

I frowned at my sister.

I love you dearly and my dear sister you know as well as I do that you hate doing any work that's below our royal blood. And I hate that git your about to marry. He's not worth you.

"Why do you have to marry him, sister?"

My sister stopped her fast paced packing and looked at the ground for a moment, just a moment. Then she frowned at me. "Hey don't worry about me you the one that needs looking after" She tilted her head and gave me a crooked smile. I couldn't resist.

"I AM NOT A CHILD" I screamed "plus, at least I can make my own decisions! I'm not going to marry some snooty twinkle toed prince Kyle of wacahama-place just because it's good money. I'd marry someone like Will the Horseman because I loooovee him". Talk about pressing buttons. Hahaa.

"For your information he is not a horseman. He is…Humph" she turned her back to me, wrestled the grey cowhide bag and when she couldn't pick it up dragged it on the ground. It caught on the corner of her dresser and opened at the seam, she tugged at it nonetheless. She turned around at the chamber door and said in a dangerous tone, "I am not marrying for money. I know what I want just you wait!" then she stormed out of the room.

Hahaaha. Ha.

Then the chamber door opened and she came back into the room.

"oh," she said, "one more thing. THIS IS MY ROOM SO GET YOUR BUTT OUT OF HERE!!"

I bounced up off her bed as fast as I could. When she gets mad she really gets mad. Muahaha

I raced to my room and slipped behind the door as fast as possible, pushing as hard as I could damn these doors are heavyyyyy.

My bedroom is pretty cool. It is at the top of the northwestern tower in the West wing of our castle. There is a window to the west where you can sort of, almost sort-of, see the sunset. I have a candle in the windowsill. It's a stone chamber so I have a separate dark and heavy mahogany wood wardrobe. It's really magnificent, with Strawberry vines carved into it. My bed is in the centre of the room. It's covered in strawberry vine carving too. There is a strawberry red quilt covering my bed. What can I say? I like strawberries.

Out of the window I can see the boys from the knight school kicking around a cowhide ball. I think they call it football? I used to play with them when I was younger. It was loads of fun. But now that I'm twelve they wont let me. In fact come to think of it all the maids and visiting ladies look at me funny. They talk a lot about blood.

I have some theories tough. I'm pretty sure though that I'm going to explode one day and they only way to stop that is by having me drink blood. I'm also pretty sure it has something to do with the fact that I'm the only one in my family with purple eyes. My parents, the King and Queen of the Kingdom Marith, both have brown eyes and so does my sister. My cook once told me that purple eyes, black hair, and a girl with a knack for manly stuff is the sign of a prophesied witch that'll destroy all of Marith. I'm not sure if she was talking about me or not because my hairs only sort of black.

As for being good at boy stuff, I'm quite proud of that. I could beat all the knight school youngsters when I was still allowed to see them. I cant anymore, as I am twelve.

I did once though go out dressed as a really fat boy. I stuffed cowhide bags with minced goat guts. And then I tied the stuff around my stomach. I put on a Knight school uniform over it. It made me look a lot those penguins, in my teacher's wood cut books. Nonetheless, the boys thought I was a boy so they let me play. It was good fun.

I think I'm in the mood for some good fun right now. I think I'll go steal some minced goat guts.