The cowhide ball soared towards me and I caught it in mid-air. YES! Finally I can prove I'm good at something. Can I be any happier right now? I mean being worried about something is a foreign feeling to me, so it wasn't fun fretting over my sister and her strangely stupid decisions.

After I stole the goat guts and got it around my mid-riff I came down to the field at precisely, what I consider, the right time. The knight school kids were starting a new game because a lot of the other boys had to get home to help with the harvest. So now I'm goalie!

I mean I have to point out if there is anything I'm good at its catching stuff. My Hand-eye co-ordination is really good. When I'm nervous I tend to clench my hand into a tight fist and then release them, over and over again. That's what keeps my hands so alert. So far I've saved about three goals.

There are five people on our team. John, Michael, Eric, David, and Phillip. John is a really tall sixteen year-old. He's got a very bony figure with a long nose and fingers too. His eyes are blue and he has red hair. Michael and Eric are twins. They both have curly brown hair with big brown eyes. Eric is well built with nice strong arms, whereas Michael is a cross between John and Eric. They are both well-known around Marith because they are the youngest and best sword fighters around. David has straight black hair, a crooked nose and really big lips. He has a jolly look to him but I know he packs a punch since he's the best ball kicker on our team. Phillip is a mousy haired boy with a monocle. He's terrible at sports but he only has to look at something once to remember every tiny detail.

They think my name is frank. I'm glad I'm on their team because I really like them. They don't make faces at me when I'm going around as myself. They don't call me Zen either. They refer to me properly as Lady Francine Marith. I'm quite proud of them since I have known then a long time and they have never said no to me. They even defend 'Frank' since every one else thinks not too highly of him.

The game has barely just started and I can see David, at the other end of the playing field, he's going left than right than left with the ball. Out of the corner of my eye I see a golden carriage making its way up the path but the ball is too close to me for me to pay the carriage too much attention.

A boy from the other team kicks it at me and I almost have it in my hands when another boy kicks it right from between my hands. Phillip yells 'Penalty!' that's cheating' but the games picked up a fast pace now and no one paying him any attention. I'm trying my best to keep two boys from the other team scoring. They are passing the ball back and forth I have to kick it away from them. When I lunge forward to kick it away one of them backs and kicks it into the goal. When I seer him kick I slip on the ground scraping my knees with a mess of grass. I reach out my hand as fast as possible barely just touching the end and barely deterring it from its' course.

I didn't have to worry when I looked up there was a …itchy… looking man with his foot on the ball. Ugh…it was Prince Kyle of…wacahama-place…er…Parin? Yes Prince Kyle of Parin. The idiot himself. He's is no gift from god. He smells terrible and his skin is pockmarked. His nose is crooked. Sadly his hair is a nice wavy brown. His eyes however are pure merciless black.

"You there, rag of a boy, help my Servants unload some packages" he licks his dry cracked lips then turns around and heads to the palace doors.

"Well get yourself going Frank. Don't wanna make Ugly mad", says a boy from the opposing team.

My team offered me help so I took it. The six of us walked over to the carriage and looked up at a man sitting on one of the white horses carrying the carriage

John yells out to him "You there, Driver, who's unloading the cargo?"

"Me here, haw haw haw," the driver rears saliva and then spits on the ground "I be thinking you be taking down thee cargo young lads. Be get going or the prince be getting angry"

Unloading the wagon was pretty easy but it was too risky for me to go inside the castle so I just directed the boys' activities. I made sure they picked up the right packages and also made sure they didn't walk too fast or slow.

By dinnertime I had discovered that Prince idiot was going to be staying the week to help prepare for the wedding, as it was to be this Sunday. Dinner was a tedious occasion. There were fancy foods and every one had large helpings of everything. However it wasn't a noisy affair as it usually is. My sister kept her eyes on her plate and did not try to animate any conversation my father and the Prince had with each other. However I did see the prince shoot my sister some strange looks. He would look at her with an odd gleam in his eyes and then lick his dry cracked lips. It sent shivers down my back.

What was even stranger was that when Desert was brought in Will the…err… horseman brought in some plates. Odd since he takes care of horse not food. My sister didn't react when she saw him but I could have sworn that he winked. It might have been my imagination because Will is a rugged man. His skin is leathery with a small scar on his cheek. His eyes are pure green and I've known them to twinkle with mirth on many occasions. Nonetheless you would think he'd be out taking care of the horses?

Something very odd is about to happen.