Title: PDA or "Public Displays of Affection"

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Notes: Written because I love Riley a lot. And Jaryn and Lucas, but also Riley. Cynical, snippy children are so friggin' fun to write.

"Morning, lovely."

Lucas pressed a soft kiss to the juncture of his husband's neck, sneaking strong arms to wrap around the smaller man's waist. Jaryn resolutely continued spreading the peanut butter of his son's sandwich, but allowed himself a small humming noise and leaned back into the embrace.

"Morning, Luc. Watch out, though, Riley's--"

"Gross, parent love!"

A baritone sound rumbled through Lucas's chest as he chuckled, while Jaryn just smiled and shook his head. "--in one of his anti-affection moods today," he finished. They both turned, Lucas untangling himself from his husband and the younger man dropping his peanut butter-covered knife into the sink. Jaryn grinned at the disgusted look on his son's face.

At ten years old, Riley was growing into a quite an opinionated child, nothing short of what either of them had expected. A small blonde braid hung against his neck, and narrowed cobalt eyes flashed at them accusingly. Beside him sat a boy of his own age with dark hair and a confused look. When his gaze alighted upon the other child, Jaryn's already light complexion paled dangerously.

Riley paid no attention to his father's discomfort. "Jeez, Dad, could you be anymore embarrassing? Did you guys forget I had Michael over or something?" The boy next to him still had not spoken, though little gears could almost be seen turning in his mind.

"Be right back!"

Within the course of a few seconds, Jaryn had grabbed his husband's wrist, tugged him into the opposite room, and shut the door tightly behind them. Lucas blinked bemusedly, raising an eyebrow at his spouse and taking his complexion.

"Something wrong, 'Ryn?"

The young man had his squeezed his eyes shut and was tugging restlessly at a lock of dark hair. After a moment of what Lucas perceived to be intense concentration, the eyes slowly opened and looked at him in anguish.

"Yes, something's wrong. Michael saw you -- us! Do you know hard it was to just convince his mother to let him sleepover?" Jaryn sighed, tugged harder on the abused piece of hair. "Woman probably thought we'd molest him or something. I mean, honestly. Anyway, Michael saw us. He'll probably go home ranting about it, and he won't ever be able to come over again, and Riley will hate us."

Lucas just shook his head, and pulled the distressed man into his arms. He pulled the hair from his grip and began soothingly rubbing his back.

"Listen," he started slowly, choosing his words with care, "Riley's not gonna hate us, okay? I doubt that friend of his will ever remember what he saw between now and when he gets home."

Jaryn sighed again and loosely wrapped his arms about his husband's neck, burying his face in the taller man's shoulder.

"You think?"

"I know."

"Hi, Riley."

"Hey, Michael."

The young blonde dropped into a desk beside his friend, stifling a yawn and giving him a wide smile afterwards. Michael beamed back, and they both began pulling books and binders out of their respective backpacks. When everything was out, ten minutes still remained until class started, so Riley turned to his friend.

"Did you have fun this weekend? I mean, I know Dad and Pop are sort of boring, but I was really happy you got to come over."

Michael nodded vivaciously, dark eyes lighting up. "I had a great time, Riley! I thought your dads were cool, too."

"Don't you mean 'dad'?"

The two blinked and looked over, and a frizzy mess of red hair entered their vision. Hannah Walters stood with raised eyebrows, arms akimbo, and her sharp nose turned up.

Riley frowned. "Go away, Hannah. No one asked you."

The saucy redhead tilted her head. "Yeah? Well, I'm asking you. Didn't you mean 'dad'?"

Michael, oblivious to Riley's uneasiness, shook his head. "Nope. Riley's got two dads. They're really awesome."

The conversation had by now attracted the unwanted attentions of their fellow students, and they moved in like vultures. Riley ducked his head, wishing suddenly for class to start so he wouldn't have to deal with this.

"Two dads? Woah."

"That's crazy! How can a person--"

"Wouldn't that make them--?"

Michael turned away from the gossipers, frowning at Riley. He leaned over, pushed past another boy, and tapped the blonde on the shoulder. When he didn't respond, Michael huffed and tugged his braid. The head snapped up.

"Ow!" Riley kicked him. "What?"

"What's wrong with you? It's not like this a big deal or anything."

The fair-haired boy wrinkled his nose, shifting blue eyes to the children crowding around him. "Yeah it is. Everyone's gonna hate me now." A murmur of disagreement rippled through his classmates.

"Hate you? Why would we do that?"

"I think having two dads is cool!"

"Man, I wish I had two dads. The one I have doesn't ever play with me anymore!"

Michael smiled at Riley, waggling his eyebrows endearingly. "See? Told you, Rile."

"Dad, Pop, I'm home!"

Riley dropped his jacket and backpack in the floor of the entryway, and wandered into the living room in search of his parents. When he didn't find them there, he searched room after room, confusion etched upon his face. "Pop?" he called, softer now in growing fear. "Daddy…?"

The only room he hadn't yet checked was their room, and he tiptoed silently to the door. Swallowing hard, he gently grasped the knob and turned. He pushed the door; it fell open slowly.

"Jeez! Wanna warn your own kid before doing that kind of thing?"

Riley made a face and trudged out of the room. Sighing, his pale features lit up in a fierce blush, Jaryn settled back into Lucas's embrace. The older man nuzzled his neck gently, and he returned it with another sigh and an embarrassed grin.

"We have got to start locking our door."