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Emma, Exposed by ChineseCanadian4

Summary: What if you thought life was perfect? You had a best friend who was gay, and picked out amazing outfits, a boyfriend was perfect, even in bed, but that wasn't enough? Emma meets the man of her dreams in the most unexpected place ever. An elevator.

Chapter 1: So, you were saying?

Emma Goddard sat behind her desk while looking at her at her client. As a therapist it was her job to help out as much as she could, but not this time; her client was too tough to handle and she was only 6 years old. To Emma, who was 27 years old with golden brown straight hair and dark blue eyes, it was just too much.

She looked at little Africaque, who's name was pronounced like Africa, but who's parents had decided to add the 'que' at the end, and twirled a lock of her hair absentmindly.

"So what are we going to do with you?" Emma asked, even though this was the first rule of therapy. Never ask what you were going to do with a client. They would become either offended or annoyed that you're not helping them. Instead, she shook her head, thinking of a different approach. What was she going to do?

She loved her job, especially the kids she helped, and she didn't mind the very good salary at Calden Elementary, which was a very prestigious private school. Today was different. Emma sat silently staring at Africaque, wondering what to do. The little girl looked guilty, even though the problem was clearly out of her hands. Africaque looked around Emma's office to avoid eye contact.

Africaque's teacher complained that she continuously disrupted class and had some schizophrenic attacks. Emma was a little annoyed; the teacher was paid to help the kids, not push them onto her when it was obvious all Africaque needed was some attention.

And what would you call a person like that? A bitch.

But then again, in cases such as this, action had to be taken accordingly. Calden Elementary did not tolerate any sort of disruption that would "hinder other children from learning". But that was all bullshit.

"Africaque, do you have any idea why you're hear?" She slowly shook her head. Emma sighed. No progress had been made at all. "Well, I do. Is it because you colored out of the lines?" Africaque shook her head.

"No, it wasn't because of that." Africaque looked down at the carpeted floor and mumbled some words.

"What, I couldn't hear that," Emma said, hoping for some progress.

"Because I was talking and Mrs. Bindle hates when I talk."

Emma nodded and smiled. "You're not here just for talking, or else you would have been sent to the Principal's."

Africaque's eyes widened. "Are you worse than the Principal?"

Emma laughed. "No, nobody is worse than the Principal. Besides, do I look as mean as Mr. McAndrews?"

Africaque stared at Emma and slowly shook her head.

"Well, I'm glad we've gotten that straightened out. But you're not here to be punished. We worry about you because sometimes you talk when nobody is around."

Africaque nodded. "I'm sorry."

"Don't be sorry. I'm just here to listen to you and help you. Tell me what you talk about all the time."

Africaque slowly whispered. "Magic."

Emma smiled. "Magic?"

Africaque nodded. "I talk about magical things but I can't tell you or else they won't come true!"

Emma sighed. Africaque wasn't crazy like Mrs. Bindle claimed, she just had a very over imaginative mind. And for a child her age, it was normal.

"It's okay, but magic can't do much unless you have a wand or a spell book."

"What do you know about it?" Africaque asked, suddenly interested

"Not much, but why don't we continue you our conversation later?"

"Tell me, please!"

Emma's mind reeled. What was she supposed to say to that? "Well…"

"You don't know anything do you?! Go away!" Africaque got up and stormed out of the room. Emma watched as Africaque ran down the hallway past Paul Caldron's room classroom. "She's a fake!"

A moment later Paul stuck his head into Emma's office. "Well, that was lovely wasn't it? Maybe you should have stayed with Spanish."

Emma glared at her. But it was true. Emma had majored in Spanish and Therapy in college, and had even considered studying Spanish at graduate school, but working with children was the best. Just occasionally, she wished she could have chosen studying Spanish, especially when Paul-one of the math teachers and her best guy pal, reminded her of her choice.

"Oh shut up Paul. It was very good. We've made some progress"

"Oh, so that 'progress' includes the girl running out of your room calling you a fake? Congratulations." Paul walked over to Emma's sofa where Africaque had just sat and sat down. Paul was Emma's complete opposite. Bright blond hair, green eyes, everything a woman could want in a man, and the brains to boot.

Emma sighed. They were supposed to be having a nice lunch together; not talking about Emma's poor job in helping Africaque.

"The girl's in Cheryl's class right?"

Emma nodded. "Yeah, and she talks about magic all the time. For friends, I guess."

"Damn Harry Potter and his fucking magic."

Emma laughed, but stopped herself. "I want her to stop with her magic nonsense and tell me her true feelings."

Paul rolled his eyes, taking out his lunch, which consisted of a Greek salad and yogurt. "Oh Em, give up on getting every child under the age of 10 to reveal their true feelings to you."

"Paul, it's my job!"

"Em, my job is to teach them math, and I do. But I would not go any farther than what I have to do. So you found out the girl's secret, now stop."

"You don't understand." Emma sighed. "Look, I've got to go. I'll see you when I get back to the apartment."

Paul's eyebrows rose. "Where are you going?"


"Oh come on Em, tell me pretty please! What if I call you names like Africaque did?"

Emma laughed. "Not going to work."

"Okay, bitch!"


"Friend of a loser!"

"Gay man with no life!"

"Straight woman with no love life!"



"Paul… how could I be a slut if I have no love life?"

Paul stopped and thought. "I don't know, but you can do it."

"Am I interrupting something?" Mr. McAndrews had just entered the room.

Emma stared at Paul. "Er, no sir. We were just…"

"We were trying out a new therapy thing, called SWYF-Say What You Feel therapy. It's very helpful and di-stresses you."

Mr. McAndrews narrowed his eyes, but nodded. "Okay, but it might not be the right setting with so many children around."

Emma nodded, feeling finally returning to her legs. "Yes, sir, we'll do this after work."

Mr. McAndrews left the room after giving another look at the two. Emma looked at Paul and began to laugh. "SWYF? What the hell?"

"Oh come on Em, straight men love acronyms."

"Okay Paul, whatever you say…"

"Well, I can't wait for tonight." Emma was going to introduce her new boyfriend Logan to Paul and his boyfriend Connor.

Emma nodded. "Yeah, and if I don't leave now, I won't be ready for tonight."

"Em, it's only 2 o' clock, where are you going now?"

Emma had known Paul for almost five years but she had never introduced her old best gal pal- Sally. It was just something she couldn't do. Now that she lived in LA, she just wanted to forget her old life back in San Francisco. Tonight she was going to help Sally get ready for the best night of her life before introducing Logan to Paul and Connor.

Emma and Sally walked down California Street, looking at the boutiques and other stores with brand name fashions. Emma wished she could live on this street, but alas she could not; it was too much for her salary. Her apartment was only a couple of blocks away so she didn't really complain, she could pass as a cool LA girl, but Sally, she was still in San Fran, with her gold jewelry and matching shirt and pants. LA, when compared to San Francisco was Las Vegas to a tiny farm. Thank god Emma had left behind her old life in San Fran.

"God, Em, I cannot believe you are living this life!" exclaimed Sally, who was too excited.

"Oh Sal, calm down, we're almost there." Emma quickened the pace as they headed toward the salon- she hated being late. Her life in San Fran consisted of Sally's family who had taken care of her like she was their second daughter.

But in San Francisco, there was no Paul or Connor with whom she could talk to. Besides the fact that Sally was practically her sister, sometimes Emma found her somewhat annoying.

"We can't be late. I'd hate it if we were."

"Oh, Em, you were always concerned with the timing"

"Fine, so what color are you getting?"

Sally looked at her. "Color?"

Emma nodded "Yeah, I'm getting a pale pink, or something along the lines of that."

"Do you think they give French manicures?"

Emma sighed at Sally's remark. "How about something more exciting, you know for the very special occasion."

"Oh, but Em, Colin loves my French manicures, and tonight's the big night, I have to please him. I've being waiting for 6 goddamn years and I cannot screw it up now."

Emma nodded, understanding her friend's dilemma, wishing she could do something to fix it, but realizing it was probably best to leave it alone.

"And I still cannot believe he's going to England tomorrow, without me. I don't know if I can wait for him for a couple of months."

"Oh Sally, don't fret. I'm sure it will be fine. You know, you don't have to marry Colin."

Sally's eyes widened. "You must be joking. I have to marry him! What would Sarah say if I didn't?"

Sarah was a part of their San Francisco group, and her father owned the finest jewelry store in San Francisco. When news got out that Colin had asked Sarah's father about an engagement ring, everyone was so excited.

"We're almost there… and only 5 minutes late. That's okay."

Just as Emma and Sally crossed the street, Sally stopped in mid-walkway. She pointed at something, and Emma whipped her head around to see what- or who, it was.

"Oh god… do you see him? That's Sandy's ex. Isn't he so fine?"

Emma looked at the direction in which Sally was pointing at and her jaw dropped all the way to the ground. He was probably the handsomest guy she had ever laid her eyes upon. He was tall, slim, looked built and his oh so causal clothes made her weak at her knees.

"He went out with Sandy?" Emma asked in disbelief. Sandy was the stupidest girl from their old group. The man slowly walked away.

"Yeah, isn't he gorgeous."

"Are you sure that's him?"

"How could I not be? That man is unforgettable."

When they entered the spa, Sally looked amazed. "Is this really where all the stars get their manicures?"

Emma laughed at her friend. "Yes, and that's where Emma Goddard and Sally Kaufman get theirs too."

Sally smiled. "Soon to be Sally Kaufman Bartlett."

Emma laughed. "I'm excited for you."

When they finally were set down to their 'station' which consisted of a small room with five chairs, a blond girl came in asking if they preferred water, champagne, tea, or juice.


Almost in an instant, the girl came back with a bottle of champagne and two glasses. Emma popped the bottle open and poured a glass for both her and Sally.

She wondered if this would ever happened for her and Logan… in the near future. But this wasn't what she was supposed to be doing now. It was Sally time.

"So, how is Sandy?" Emma asked, waiting for her manicurist.

Sally shook her head. "I don't think you want to know."

And this statement was true. Emma had never gotten along with the Sandy who was more Sally's friend then Emma's. She became friends with Sally in 9th grade. Sandy was the one who spent more time worrying about clothes and boys as opposed to Emma who busied herself with her studies and going to a good college.

Emma finished off her glass, while half-heartedly listening to Sally.

"….so, like the guy drops her in a hurry. You saw him. He was so hot. But then again, Sandy should have known it was too good to last. Anyway, she's going out with this guy named Fred or something, and she's telling it's getting serious."

Emma rolled her eyes. 'Serious' was not in Sandy's vocabulary. She had never had a single seriously relationship in her entire life. And she wouldn't be starting now.

"So, anyway, how are things with your new hubby?"

Emma smiled. "You mean Logan?" Sally nodded. "Well, I'm taking him to meet Paul and Connor tonight. It looks very promising."

"Who the hell is Connor?"

Emma bit her lip. "He's Paul's partner."


"You remember him. He was the guy who went with me to Harvard."

"Oh, right," Sally said, still looking confused. "Well, he's a teacher right? Then how come he has a partner?"

Emma rolled her eyes. "No, it's his…life partner."

Sally's eyes widened. "Oh my god, you mean…."

Emma nodded. "Yes, they're gay. So what color are you getting?"

"I don't know, what are you getting?"

Emma laughed, but never got a chance to reply.

The blonde girl who had come with the champagne had already begun to work on Sally's hand.

"Do you do French manicures?"

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