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Chapter 2 Mr. Boring

Emma's department in LA was the smallest apartment in the universe. It was a tiny little one room apartment with the tiniest bathroom, and if you could imagine, an even tinier kitchen. Still, you couldn't get everything you wanted in life, and at any rate, Emma was satisfied with her living location.

Her next-door neighbor was an awkward, yet somewhat handsome guy named John, who constantly hit on her, even though he never would admit to that. John was the one to introduce Sally to her fiancée- to be, Colin. Now, while John was a nice, sweet boy, the kind you could take home to your mother, he wasn't her type and anything more than a friendship would be asking too much.

Emma threw open her curtains and looked out into the darkening sunset. A perfect hue of red and orange and yellow; her favorite colors. Hurriedly, she threw down her belongings and ran to her closet. Going with Sally to the spa took much longer than Emma had expected and her dinner with Logan, Paul and Connor was in less than a half hour.

As it grew nearer to Logan's arrival, Emma grew more nervous. Taking Logan to meet Paul was like taking Logan to meet her parents-expect much worse. No doubt would Paul instantly make first impressions and then usher Emma over to one side of the room if he didn't like Logan. She wanted everything to go accordingly.

Emma pulled open her closet and pulled on the new dress she had just bought from a small boutique that majored in Vera Wang. It was a nice dark blue dress with a v-neck and small flares at the bottom, accentuating all of Emma's best assets-her legs and her eyes.

She washed her face and applied minimal amounts of makeup onto her face. When Emma was younger, she would constantly complain about zits on her face and how ugly her hair looked, but as she grew older, she needed less makeup on her face and complained less about her hair. Her hair had smoothened and her face had become almost flawless. She dabbed on some lip-gloss and put on her favorite earrings, long cascading blue butterflies with silver rings.

Only ten minutes before Logan would arrive, Emma sat down on her couch and waited for him. Typically, he would arrive late, but while this would normally irritate Emma, Logan was different. He was so enraptured by his work that he couldn't help it if he lost track of time or if something happened to him. It was one of the qualities like she liked about Logan. He was so passionate about his job.

Thinking of Logan just made Emma's face brighten up. He was a smart, handsome man who was very driven and yes, very good in bed. She had recently begun to sleep with him, and boy had she been missing out on things before. He worshipped her body and made her feel like she was the only woman in the world. But then again, don't all girls what that to happen?

They had been introduced by one of Emma's friends in LA- Amanda. Amanda worked at the same law firm that Logan did and introduced the two of them. Although Emma was skeptical at first, bumping into him at a coffee shop, she felt a very strong connection to him, and from that their relationship began. Logan's courtship was slow and sweet, something she had never experienced before, but it was sure as hell amazing.

The doorbell rang, and Emma putting finishing touches on her face, she hurriedly ran to get the door. Logan was early. Too early. Emma rushed halfway across her apartment and opened the door. John. And he was holding flowers, red flowers, nevertheless. What was it was this guy? She continuously attempted to shrug him off, but he just couldn't take a hint, could he? Still, he had his goofy smile on, and Emma couldn't resist it. He was a damn likable guy, wasn't he?

"Are those-?" she began.

"For you? Yeah, they are," John said, thrusting them into her arms. "And you can't say no. I was just out doing errands when I saw these, and they were On Sale!"

Emma shook her head and laughed. With the bouquet in her hands, she tried to smile at him for the nice gesture. Hopefully accepting the bouquet wouldn't hint that she had any interest in him, because she didn't. She noticed that as she walked into her kitchen and grabbed a vase from her cabinet that John had followed her into her apartment and was watching her every move.

"These look perfect," she said, trying to break the awkward silence.

"Not as perfect as you do. You look gorgeous tonight Emma." She winced. She hated when he tried complimenting her because it always sounded cheesy and clearly not romantic.

"Thanks John," she said blushing.

"No problem Emma. By the way, I picked up your mail for you. I was picking up mine…so I just thought…"

She smiled at him, but seemed to tense up a bit. Any minute now Logan would arrive and she did not want a confrontation between her boyfriend and her next-door neighbor. "Thanks so much. But I've got to-"

John held up his hand. "Okay, before you kick me out of your apartment, where are you going tonight looking like this?"

She laughed. "I'm going to Paul's."

He arched his eyebrow. "Really? Well, you're wasting your dress on him."

She laughed again. "Thanks, I guess. But really, John, I have to get going…"

"Okay, say no more, I'm leaving." He started walking towards the door. "Have fun tonight." He finally pulled open the door and closed it behind him. Emma finally let out a sigh, as she walked over to her trash basket and began looking through her mail. A bill from Saks Avenue, a postcard from Amanda on her honeymoon in Tahiti, and an invitation to the wedding of… Sandra Michaela Gellar to Frederick Sean Prince.

Emma stopped and looked at the invitation again. How could this have happened? Didn't Sally tell her she had just met the guy? And Sandy was now getting married to him? And what was even worse was the fact that now Sally was getting engaged, Sandy was getting married and Emma was the only one of her friends not to be married yet. How unfair. All Emma had now was Logan, and she didn't even feel like they were going anywhere. Sure, the sex was amazing, but she didn't even have a key to his apartment yet.

The doorbell rang and brought Emma out of her reverie. Logan. Finally. When Emma pulled open the door she saw a smiling Logan beaming at her. He was wearing a very nice tailored suit-grey pressed pants a white pressed shirt and a pair of dark loafers.

"Hi," Emma said, giving him a kiss on the cheek.

"You look…you are, breathtaking" Logan said after staring at her for a moment. Emma blushed. Logan always knew how to give compliments and knew what to say to make Emma blush.

"Thank you. I think we'd better go though. I'd hate it if we were late…" she began.

Logan laughed and shook his head. "You and your need to always arrive on time." Despite Emma's wishes to go to Paul's, Logan pushed her gently against a doorway and kissed her. It was soft and sweet kiss. Logan was a good kisser and Emma let him kiss her while her arms traveled around his back.

After lulling around for at least five minutes, Emma came back to her senses and pushed Logan away gently. He grabbed her hand and they walked down the stairs to the entrance of her building. As they walked toward Paul and Connor's place, Emma continually looked up at Logan and his handsome features, her mind still wandering back to Sandy's marriage announcement and her own love life. Could Logan be the one for her? Surly he met her needs in bed and he was a very talented lawyer and a very smart intellectual.

When they finally reached Paul and Connor's apartment building, Emma rang the doorbell.

"Who is it?" sang Paul's voice through the intercom, even though it was plain to see that Emma and Logan had arrived; she could see him peeking through his apartment window.

"Oh shut up Paul. It's Emma and Logan, now let us in."

"Oh fine, be a big meany and rude to your host," Paul said in a huffy drama queen voice.

"Paul, stop being so mean to the poor girl and buzz her in!" said Connor, who seemed far away. Probably still making the food or something.

Emma heard the door buzz open and hurriedly pulled Logan inside the door with her. She grabbed his hand and led him up the stairs to Paul and Connor's apartment.

When they reached the steps of the apartment, Emma knocked on it and in an instant it opened.

"Emma! How are you?" said Paul in his happy-go-lucky voice. "And this must be…Logan, right?"

Logan nodded and proffered his hand to Paul who shook it aggressively. A bit taken aback, Logan jerked his hand away from Paul, who looked a bit put off.

"Hey, Paul, tell our guests to head out towards the garden area, I'm almost done with making the pasta," Connor yelled from the kitchen.

Paul nodded and led Emma and Logan towards the garden. If you had never been to the couple's apartment before you would have been amazed. Paul and Connor had met by chance a couple of years ago, but had just moved in together recently. Up until then, Paul had been living with Emma, and Connor had been living on his own. Connor was the more stylish of the two-the retro and chic furniture, while Paul settled for the more practical furniture. It was typically evident who had chosen what piece of furniture in their apartment, and while Emma had known Paul longer and loved him, she couldn't help but like Connor's taste in furniture, and overall appearance.

Emma and Logan were eat handed a chair and placed theirs next to each other, waiting for Connor to come out with his big dish. Paul excused himself to go and help Connor, who seemed quite anxious to get to meet Logan, and was having a breakdown in the kitchen because he had left the sauce on the stove for a minute too long. Trying to ignore their awkward silence, Emma looked around Paul and Connor's garden porch. It was actually really lovely, even though there weren't that many flowers in bloom.

"So, you've noticed our lovely home grown garden, huh?" said Paul as he came in with four plates, forks, knives and a bottle of Cristal.

Just as Paul was about to place the bottle down, Connor shrieked. "Paul, get a fucking coaster!" Emma looked around for a coaster and hurriedly placed one under the bottle before Connor could have another heart attack, remember the sauce?

As Paul began to serve the drinks to everyone, Logan shook his head. "No, thanks, I don't drink that much." Paul scowled, taking pride in his extensive collection of wine.

"You don't drink?" Connor asked, as if this were a catastrophe.

"No, I prefer to keep myself in drivable conditions," Logan answered.

After Connor insisted on filling everyone's plates to the ends, and the drinking matter was resolved (though Paul didn't seem to happy), everyone began to enjoy Connor's meal.

While the conversation was light and somewhat awkward, the tension was so thick it was possible to take a knife and cut through it. Emma could tell Paul did not like Logan, especially because he refused to drink. While Emma liked this trait, especially since her mother had been a drinker, she could tell Paul would not tolerate her dating a non-drinker.

"Emma, I just received news from Craig that I'll be heading the next big assignment, and well, it seems to be um, a very promising assignment, yes." Emma looked at just in time to see Paul and Connor exchange looks at each other. Logan wasn't trying to be rude by ignoring them, but it was obvious there was really nothing else to talk about.

Emma nodded. "That's great Logan. By the way, Connor, this pasta, is exquisitely delicious."

Logan hurriedly nodded in agreement. "Yes, very good."

Connor beamed at what the couple said. He always took pride in his cooking, his style and anything else anyone complemented him on.

"So what happened with Sally this afternoon?" Paul said; the first time he had attempted to be a part of the conversation.

Emma smiled. Thank god Paul knew that she was panicking and needed some help.

"Oh nothing really, I just had my fingernails and toenail painted," she said, holding out her fingers and her shoes. "Do you think McAndrews will be offended or disgusted by them?"

Paul laughed. "Yea, like the hoop earrings some of the girls had on last year? I wouldn't be surprised."

The rest of the dinner continued with small talk and hardly any conversation in which Logan took part in. It was obvious to even Logan now that he was not a big hit.

"So, what would you guys like for dessert?" Connor inquired, trying to change subjects once again, and perhaps make a quick getaway.

"No thanks Connor," Emma said.

"None for me," Logan agreed.

Paul tried to clear the dishes and make a quick escape to the kitchen. As he walked behind Logan he gave Emma a big thumbs down and hurriedly walked away. She sighed. Would he ever be happy with any of her choices? She needed to talk to him.

"Would you like some help with those in the kitchen?"

"Sure, why not?" answered Paul. Connor protested, obviously not wanting to be left alone with Logan and attempting to strike a conversation. Paul shook his head and looked at Connor, giving him a well-someone-has-to-stay-and-talk-to-the-man look.

Connor smiled weakly. "So, how's your new thingie going for you?"

Logan scoffed. "My new law assignment. I'm a lawyer."

Emma sighed, picked the glasses up off the table and hurriedly followed Paul back into the kitchen.

She watched silently as Paul placed the dishes into the sink. Any moment from now he would erupt with questions as to why she had taken a liking to Logan, since he obviously didn't have any good characteristics that were shown tonight. All of a sudden, Paul whipped around and put his hands on his hips.

"Where the fuck did this guy come from? He must be one of the boring-est men alive. Damn, he should go on one of those Oprah shows."

"Oh Paul, stop it! And if you don't keep your voice down I'm sure he won't be so boring anymore. He'll come in here and flip out."

"Well at least this way I'll know he's actually alive and breathing."

"Paul…" she whined.

"Oh come on Em, he's got to be one of the dullest, not funny men I've ever seen or heard in my entire life. If I were a woman, I would not even look his way."

"Oh Paul, will you ease up on him? He was just really, really nervous tonight meeting your guys."

"Well, whatever, let's just get back there before he starts getting suspicious."

"Well what do you expect? I think he's the best find I could get. He's handsome and he doesn't want a blond bimbo supermodel as his girlfriend. I think he has to earn some points."

"Oh, I suppose that makes everything just better? I think he's better off with a blond bimbo than my Em."

Emma smiled but bit her lip. "Well, he's usually not like this, I promise."

Paul's cell phone began to ring and as he bent over to reach his cell phone on the couch, he knocked over Emma's bag and the contents came spilling out. Emma hastily rushed to grab her belongings as Paul made a dive to get the call. WhenEmma looked up at him, he just shrugged.

"Eh, I missed the guy."

"Yeah, well you broke my mirror. I guess I'll just have seven years of bad luck, huh?"

"Well, hun, I think you've already had a head start. Besides, I'm a math teacher, not a freaking superstitious bitch."

"Well, what about Harry Potter?"

"What about that stupid boy wizard? I don't do that kind of crap. I do the people magic, you know love and stuff. I'm like the Love Doctor."

Emma scoffed. "The Love Doctor? Please, that's so lame."

"Laugh all you want, but I'm telling you hun."

"Hey, Paul, do you need any help?" Connor called from the patio. Logan was probably driving him to insane boredom with his law talk.

"No, dear, Em and I have it all covered," Paul responded. Paul bent down and picked up a slip of paper. "What's this?" he inquired.

"Oh," she said, glancing at it. "Just an invitation to Sandy's wedding."

Paul nodded and winked. "Ah, another one of the Slutties from San Fran is getting married huh?"

Emma blushed and nodded. "Yeah, rub it in. I'm the last one."

"Well, when did you find this out? And how come you didn't tell me? I'm supposed to be your best friend."

Emma laughed. "I only got this right before I came. How was I supposed to tell you everything that happened in a mere hour? Besides, I don't even know how long this thing is going to last. Sandy was just dumped last month. How could she be so adamant about getting married?"

"I don't know hun, but if you need a date…"

Emma shook her head. "See, with Sally getting engaged and Sandy getting married, I'll be the last one and with Logan around, I won't be dateless."

Paul faked a shudder. "Ugh, Mr. Boring at a wedding? I don't think so."

"Yeah, well, I still-"

Emma never got to finish her sentence when a loud, frantic pounding was heard at the door. "What the hell is that?" asked Emma.

"I don't know. Hopefully it's some mad woman who will take Logan away."

"Paul…" admonished Emma.

"Just kidding…"

The two of them hurried into the living room just as Connor went to open the door. A woman with her hair in disarray and her hands covering her face threw herself onto the couch and began to sob. Everyone stood in silence as Emma suddenly realized the woman had french manicured nails.