Let the hair roll down your neck
As you pull the clip out
Let my eyes glide over you
And fantasize about being in love
I saw it in your eyes
Well I, I want to fall in love with you
Or are you adversed to...

Palm pressed deeply into palm
Fingers dig into the back of the hand
Arteries matched up as lovers are
Your force keeps my blood pumping
The chin that led to lips led to your eyes
Well I, I want to, with you, fall in love
Or can you be you afraid of...

May I hurt you now please, as you expect?
May I become like one of the rest?
Stare here into the windows to my soul
Honest, sincere, smile from ear to ear

Black and white roughly sketched out before us
The uncertainty of what the future holds
Don't let go of your adventurous side
Because, my dear, love is truly blind
Let's draw out the hereafter in pencil
So we change it as it suits us
A kiss to your knuckles in medieval etiquette
The world covered in satin, it could all be yours
Well I, I want to be with you forever
Or is this something that you never...

May I fly you away now, as you wish?
May I be your knight in shining armor?
A kiss here, staring into my soul, dear
Honest, loving, smile from ear to ear

When I fall in love again, this time with you
We'll be the center of the universe
It all moves around us, with mild surprise
Palm pressed deeply into palm
We walk now as one