Mad World

You turned my world upside down

And made a smile from a frown

When love was lost, another was found

I am so glad that you are around

With your words spoken softly in my ear

I feel as if we will stay forever here

The asphalt hurts when faced alone

Buried in your chest, security is felt and known

This world is mad but so are we

For time stops momentarily

The fast paced world rushes by

As fireworks light our once dim sky

We are in a world of our own

Where happiness and joy are shown

Not to be disturbed as we lay together

For what seems like a sweet forever

I'll tell you now – listen clear

I'll let you know – we're all mad here.

I dedicate this poem to Matthew, a man who has shown me kindness, respect, and most of all love. There's no one else I would rather spend Valentines Day with than you.

Yours truly,