"Mama, can you read me another story?" the little boy asked impatiently. "Pleeease! I'm not sleepy—not one bit."

The woman looked at her son, the way he waggled his toes under the blanket. Her lips curved upwards and she walked to her son's bed, carefully avoiding the toys he played with that littered the ground. "Last one. Which one would you like to hear?"

"The pirate one!"

"All right then." She sat herself down on his bed and called to her daughter, covering her mouth with a hand as she coughed. The girl came running to her, her tawny curls bouncing along the way. Slowly spreading her legs under the sheets, she pulled the children to her. "There once was a pirate named Bloody Flint. He was the baddest pirate of them all."

"Did he have a parrot?"

"Yes, James, he had a parrot. It would eat naughty children when no one was looking. Cap'n Bloody Flint, that's what he like to be called—his real name was an un-scary Flintworth. He used to kill everyone, take the loot and store his plunder on a secret island."

The girl snuggled into her mother's stomach. "Mama, I don't like him."

"Well, honey, no one did like him. He was greedy and got married once—to a beautiful Princess with blue eyes like the sea he loved so much. They say he killed her one day after he married her."

"Woah!" the boy exclaimed, his eyes wide. "Did he use his parrot?"

The older woman smiled, ruffling her son's hair. "No, but that's not the real story. There was a mutiny on his ship – everyone was fighting against each other. Many men were killed. Some fell off the edges and were eaten by sharks and others were blasted in the head by cannons. Their heads rolled off just like that and their popped eyeballs were rolling on the decks so the parrot could eat it," she exclaimed, exciting her child. "And boom! The whole ship went up in flames. Cap'n Bloody Flint managed to stay alive. He rowed away to a near by island on his galley, taking only a few trusted men with him.

"The powerful man was reduced to nothing. He was crawling on his knees just to find a drink of water in the thick jungle. He did find it. It was a magical stream, flowing out of a cave and into a little pool filled with water so clear you could see the shiny rocks underneath. You know what that did to him when he drank it?"

"No," her son and daughter answered in a tiny whisper, both enwrapped by the story.

"It made him live forever. He was immortal but of course, there was a catch to it. The other men would soon find out about the water and its power. So that night, while they were sleeping, he slit their throats and they gurgled on their own blood."

The young girl snuggled even further into her mother's stomach, pulling the blanket over her head, shuddering as her mother coughed at a pivotal moment.

"He made a map of the place and buried the men in the sand. He hid the water as best he could with vines and rocks. Cap'n Bloody Flint only wanted it for himself and he was in fine shape to do anything he wished because he was going to live forever. Of course, the only thing he did want was more money.

"Cap'n Bloody Flint left the island but he died a few years later. Not by disease, but by a shot to the head. I guess they forgot to mention the water would save your life and keep you immortal, but it wouldn't save you from a fatal wound."

"That's silly!" the girl muttered, emerging from beneath the covers. "Pirates are stupid."

"Nuhun," the boy countered.


"Nuhun! Ma, tell her!"

"Honey, no one's stupid. Now get yourself into bed," she said, tucking in her son. "Now, chop chop, off to bed you go!"

The woman blew out the candle, pulling the blanket to her daughter's chin.

"I'll find that pool, Ma. I want you to live forever," she whispered, putting an arm around her ragged, muddy doll. "I love you."

Kissing her daughter's forehead, she smiled.

I hope you do.



mm, i'm supposed to be studying for my finals, but here i am starting another story. please correct me if i had any mistakes... or on the pirate terms. don't ya just love 'em? treasure planet inspired me (but the plot will definitely be different!). i love jimbo... wish he were real. i'll update whenever possible, or go along with my original plan of writing at least ten chapters befor publishing them. beats the whole writer's block. we'll see...

yes, the summary sounds clichéd - and so does the title for that matter - but it makes it all the more interesting. hope you're not fooled by it 'cause there's a lot more twists, turns and... dun dun dun... deaths to come. c'mon now, can we have a pirate story without death?

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