Looking For Wark

Note: A 7 year old Final Fantasy maniac named Charles Tobias Steinbeck (he prefers to be called "Cid Highwind") believes his life to be one big RPG. His parents and friends teach him that this isn't reality until he finds a lost Chockobo on the way home from school and wants to keep it as a pet. Trouble is…What do you feed something that isn't supposed to exist ?

"Son of a submariner...They'll pay for this."--Kefka, Final Fantasy 6 (or as it is known in the states, Final Fantasy 3)

"Hey everyone...Sorry I'm late, but I'm afraid I got lost on the path of life."--Kakashi, Naruto

Chapter 1—I Told You Chockobos Were Real

Charles Stienbeck, or as he preferred to be called, "Cid Highwind" loved all things related to Final Fantasy, except for perverse fan doujinshi and hentai fanart. He was only seven years of age, but his morality kept him away from smut like that.

His only goal in life was to prove that such mystical creatures as the Chockobo existed. The trouble was, he had no proof to support this claim. So, he did what any aspiring young discoverer would do...he set out on a quest, and brought his friends with him.

One day, Charles and his friends were walking home through the country when they saw something dart through a corn field. Charles' brown eyes immediately became brighter and he almost squealed with delight.

"It's just a turkey, Charles. I wouldn't think anything of it.", Charles' best friend, Scott said.

"Come on, Chuck...This is really boring !", David said, his arms crossed.

"No, wait...You guys. Shhhh ! Pipe down. This is no ordinary turkey. I'll show you. Come on, I know what I am doing.", Charles said, in a determined, yet hushed tone. He began calling the creature and it came up to him, larger than he would've realized. But, the Chockobo is a riding animal so it would have to be slightly bigger than a human being in order to carry its weight. He gave the Chocobo some food he had and patted its head. "Uwee !", the adorable bird-like creature cried and nuzzled him with his beak.

"This is Wark. From this moment, we have bonded. I told you there were Chockobos and now you know they are real.", Charles said.

"You can't be serious. You're going to take Wark home ?", one of the more quiet friends, Ash asked.

"Of course. My parents won't even know he's there. I have my methods.", Charles said, with a slightly devious grin.

"I can't believe this...Well best of luck to you, Chuck.", Scott said, patting him on the shoulder. The friends parted ways and "Cid Highwind" was already riding on the back of Wark, taking the easiest and shortest route home.

Chapter 2—Everybody Loves Wark

Before long, everyone at school had heard about Charles' pet Chockobo. They all wanted to see Wark for themselves and would even pay money to do so. However, there were those who wanted to steal Wark from Charles when he wasn't looking. They kept their insidious plan to themselves and none of Charles' friends and acquaintences knew what was transpiring. Before Charles woke up the next day, Wark had been stolen from him in the night.

When Charles had gone to check on his beloved Wark when he noticed his harnass had been removed. There were some golden feathers left behind, which indicated there was a bit of a struggle. Whomever had taken Wark had experienced a bit of trouble taking him away; there were telltale signs of a skirmish. It was apparent that Wark had fought tooth and nail to resist his kidnappers. Charles was heartbroken, but he would get Wark back by any means neccesary, except if it was illegal, provocative or underhanded.

Chapter 3—Cid Highwind on the Case

Chuck began his investigation in school, cross-examining each of his friends, acquaintences and peers. The only two that looked suspicous were the two guys who didn't associate much with other people other than each other. He could see the remnants of a yellow feather on their drab clothing and he began asking them series of questions.

"Quit yelling at us man ! We only wanted to see what this magical chicken could do ! Nothing more.", the leader, Dorian said.

"He put up quite a fight though.", the lackey, Don, said dumbly. Dorian smacked him in the back of the head, rolling his eyes in embarassement.

"I don't want excuses...Just give me Wark back.", Chuck said, with an intimidating glare. Without any argument they took him outside of the school and unvieled Wark. Wark was very pleased to be with his master again but Chuck realized that one day, he would have to say farewell to his feathered friend. He couldn't just keep Wark for himself. Like all Chockobo, Wark deserved to be free in the wild with his brethren. For now, Wark would be well taken care of until he decided to return home on his own accord.


Although Charles still enjoyed playing RPGs long into his adolescent years, real life was becoming more important to him. By the time he had turned 16, Wark had decided to say goodbye to him. He and Wark had enjoyed so many marvelous memories together and Charles nearly cried when Wark left. But he knew it was Wark's destiny. He would never forget that he had been fortunate enough to own a Chockobo, ride one and call one a true friend. He had kept a feather as a reminder, which was his lucky charm. Wherever he went, it was tucked jauntily behind his ear and it reminded him that nothing was impossible. Even the mystical, magical beasts existed within this world...which told him miracles were abundant. They would always be with him no matter where he was, even in the smallest leaf or in the tinest piece of rock.

The End

January 28, 2006