a/n: ok... this is a short story I had to write for a grade. Sucks in my opinion. Enjoy

"There is a 90 percent chance of rain and flooding tonight." The meteorologist from channel eleven described. The day was June 10th, 2001 and a ten year old stood in the middle of the living room watching her parents rush while fixing the house for safety. Her two brothers, one sixteen and the other twenty-two, helped out as she watched the news in the living room and watch the parents. "Tropical Storm Allison will most likely affect all areas around South and North Houston, also some surrounding areas." She had absolutely no clue what was going on, "Mom, what's happening… why are you locking Pepper inside the house?" Pepper was the family dog, she was an outside dog but for the incoming storms they had to bring her in. Jessica's mother lightly patted her head, "Jessica, go pack some clothes. We're going to grandma's house tonight." She did as she was told and skipped off into her room.

From inside her room, she was able to hear her parents talk. "Sindy, we have to leave this house. All of us." Her father's voice came first. "No, I don't want to leave this house! I'll stay. You take the kids and get them to safety." Her mother sobbed and her father shook his head. "No, you're coming with us. It's all or no one." Jessica began to cry, she had to leave her house and had high chances of losing everything. Ryan, the sixteen year old, walked into Jessica's room. "Jessie, don't cry. None of us wants to leave… but we have to you, Mom, and Dad don't know how to swim." He patted his little sister's shoulder.

Soon water began to rise and due to the hard head mother, the family stayed. Around eleven o'clock at night, the water began to seep into the house. "Ok… let's leave." Her mother took a deep breath and made the announcement. The family grabbed their bags and headed out for the jeep. Jessica was already in tears, not wanting to leave her dog there. The family was off onto the twenty-mile trip of high water to the grandmother's house. Water slowly entered the car, just enough to soak their feet. Miles seem to go slower and slower as the rain poured around and everything began to rise. Ten miles into the travel, the car came to a slow stop. Water was so high and mud below the wheels stuck to the car and made it stop. Some of the local kids tried to help out and push the truck but there was no budge. "Allen," Allen was the oldest brother, "Get out and hold Jessica on your back. Don't let her go into the water." Her mother was so worried about Jessica drowning, but she should be. She didn't know how to swim! Allen did as was told and held the crying ten year old on his back. The rest of the family piled out of the car and into the flooded street. I wiped my face of the raindrops and looked around me from my brother's shoulders. "How far are we from Grandma's house, Mom?" I asked her as she stood next to Allen. "We have about a good ten mile walk…" You could easily hear the sadness.

We got started to walk for the long trip. Jessica was switched from shoulders and occasionally placed onto the ground. As they walked through different areas, hardships formed. "Richard!" Her mom yelled. "I told you, don't put Jessica down!" Jessica was walking perfectly in the water until she tripped over a curb. Ryan automatically reacted and grabbed his sister and dragged her onto his back. "Well," Her dad began to yell back. "I'm sorry I can't carry everything!" He was carrying Jessica's, his own, and Allen's bags. As the argument went on, the miles kept growing longer and longer. After a while, Allen began to get fed up. "Mom! Dad!" He yelled over their voices. It was around midnight now. "Stop arguing! Jessica is right beside you two! And so is Ryan! Don't fight in front of them!" He grabbed his sister and pulled her onto his shoulders and marched off suddenly. "Jessie. I'm going to get you to Grandma's house. Just stick with me." He patted her knees that rested beside his ears.

The two parents and Ryan followed behind slowly, the mom and dad looking down in thought. "Ryan… go catch up to Allen and Jessica…" Ryan looked at his parents when his head shook. "No. I'm going to stay. We don't need you two fighting." He let out a deep sigh and walked silently behind the two, who fought in whispers. "We should have stayed like I said." The mom whispered. "No. Then someone could have easily drowned!" "Whatever…" Then everything grew silent. About ten feet ahead of the parents, they could see Jessica stands there, trying to drag something. "Come on Allen!" Jessica cried. "You can't give up that easily!" She pulled his hand. Ryan ran ahead while frowning. "Dad… come on!" He called over his shoulder and waded through the water.

Sitting on the high curb was Allen. Some how he tripped and he swallowed a lot of the dirty water. Jessica, who was soaked from head to foot, tried pulling her brother up to dry grass. Soon their father and Ryan were able to get Allen onto dry land and get a lot of the dirty water out of them. Jessica grabbed her brother's shoulders into a hug. "Oh my god! Allen! I'm so glad you're ok!" She wiped her face of tears and then everyone stood up. "Ok… we're about two miles away." Their dad announced happily. Ryan lifted Jessica onto her shoulders and everyone picked up their things. "All right. Off we go." Her mother patted the two brothers on the back and they finished walking.

Miles slowly grew shorter as the group walked in silence, except for Jessica. "Why's everybody quiet...?" She poked her brother's head while looking down at his face. "We're all tired. Its way past your bed time little girl." Her father replied while a light smile, giving the group a small sense of humor. Soon it was down to one mile. "Hm…" Allen whispered as he looked around. He passed Jessica over to Ryan then stood next to his mom. "This isn't familiar…" He whispered. His mother looked around. "Turn down this street then turn down Beaver Bend." She commanded while walking ahead. Allen nodded and took Jessica back from Ryan and started to head off again.

As the group did as the mother told, they soon recognized a street. "Mosher Lane!" Jessica cheered loudly. The water was down to knee length for a ten year old, so Allen placed her on the ground and she ran. "Grandma!" She screamed as she ran towards the house. The others laughed as they watched her. Ryan ran after her, "Jessie! I'm gonna get you!" He grinned as he raced after her. Allen just laughed and walked slowly as the parents were moving faster. Within the next five minutes, everyone was at the house. The excited Jessica rang the doorbell many times and bounced around as she watched the lights turn on and heard the door open. "Grandma!" She jumped into the warm house and turned on her heels quickly. "We survived the storm!" She grinned as she stood there with soaked clothes and watched the others walk in. "I told you we were going to be here Mom." Her mother kissed their grandmother on the check with a smile.