A poem a lonely orphan girl makes up while she is sick in bed. (fictional)

Dear friend, we had so much fun,

playing, running, hanging out in the sun

But then, why did you have to go?

Leaving me here, screaming, "NO!"

You were the best friend I ever had,

but now you've made me oh, so sad

Why did there have to be a terrorist with a gun?

Why didn't I do what I should have done?

Why'd you have to go, my fun-loving friend?

Why did your life have to come to an end?

Why didn't you take me with you to heaven?

I can't bear the pain-- after all, I'm only eleven!

Why has my throat suddenly gone so dry?

Oh, it's the prospect of saying good-bye

No, of course, good friend, not to you!

But to every living creature, I must bid ado

For I feel my life coming to an end,

I've come to join you, my loving friend

Note from the Authoress: How was that, peoples?