My Fake Smiles

No matter what they do
Don't allow emotions through.

Don't believe anything they say.
They don't care about you anyway.

When you're walking down the halls
Hide it all behind your wall.

Fake the smiles.
Everything will be all right.
Eventually, you'll get through tonight
I promise (empty words to you).
Just fake the smile to get you through.

Smiles that never quite reach your eyes.
They don't notice, what a surprise.

Emotions tear you apart inside.
Hide the tears beneath your lie.

When you feel like crying.
Or are only seconds away from dying

(Just smile)

Fake the smiles.
They'll get you by.
Just so much like being high.
Hide the pain with your mask.
Smile as you breathe your last.

A/N: This poem is for all of the people like me who think they have to be perfect.

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