Who is that girl?

Her? She's the new girl. She's in my history class. She seems nice enough. She's from New York or something.

Fits her. She's gorgeous! How long till the cheerleaders approach her? Warn her off the jocks?

Jake started talking to her. So I'll go with today.

That jerk. He knows they're going to rip her apart. It took Sam like ten gallons of ice cream to get it over when they jumped on her.


Ok, so like you know Jake? That new girl was talking to him. He is so taken. What is she thinking? I mean she may be cute, but he's the captain of the basketball team. She's a nobody.

Jake is Becca's right?

No, Becca was two weeks ago. Remember the pool party at Thersea's. The big fight when Jake was found with Ann. Becca totally dumped him cuz he was so jerk-y. Then the next day he hooked up with Valerie. They are so into each other now it's sickening. I heard they were caught by the janitor with his tongue down her throat. Makes me want to puke just the thought of it. Oh hey, Val. How are you? I haven't seen you in forever. We should totally hang out. Totally come to my party this Saturday.

Well, Jake and I have a date, but otherwise I'd totally go. So do you know this new girl? She was so flirting it up him in the hall today. I mean just cuz he was assigned to show her around the school does not mean that he's up for grabs. Gag. There she is strutting bout like she owns the place. I need to put some sense into her head. Toodles.


Laters. Cici, I can't wait to see how this turns out. That girl is so going to get it. She's so stupid to get mixed up with Val. Cuz Val is the coolest. Gosh, new girl hasn't cracked yet. Remember that quiet girl, Samantha, last time, totally broke into tears. She didn't go to any of her other classes that day. Look at Jess's shoes. They are so…hott! She has the best fashion sense ever. Did you hear about her and Brian?

Yes. I've heard it a million times.

Who told you?

You did. A million times.

I did not.

Did too.

Did you just stick your tongue out at me? At me? Girl, you need to grow up.

Oh, but if I grew up I'd be all boring like you. Ha ha.

I'm not boring.

Yes you are. You know I'm just teasing. You're my favorite.

You're my fav too. Look they're coming back.

Hey guys, this is Ali. Ali, this is Chelsea, resident gossip.

Hey! Uncalled for.

Yet, true. And this is Cici, the cute one. Oh Chelsea is it ok that I invited Ali to your party? Trust me you are going to love this girl.



I don't know if any of you have read this before, but I decided to completely change the way I'm writing this. Right now I have a lot of good ideas and have a general idea of where I'm going with this. I wanted to change the way I was telling the story so I have deleted the prologue and am going to start over again.

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